fallen idols – neil white

Fallen Idols

I recently read Lost Souls which I had picked up in a charity shop and realised part way through that it was 2nd (or maybe 3rd) in a series by Neil White.

So, I was pretty happy when I went on Amazon to order something, and saw that they were ‘selling’ Fallen Idols’, the first in the set, for the Kindle completely free of charge!  “I’ll have some of that!”, I thought…and indeed I did.

I must admit, I didn’t enjoy it as much as Lost Souls.  I’m not sure if it is because I already knew some of the story arc through having read the later book first, but the whole main killer-thriller story just seemed a bit too obvious.  And there were far too many coincidences for my liking too.

Don’t get me wrong, as far as detectiving and nasty-killer stories go, it’s easy to read, was entertaining and did what it said on the tin.  But I think Neil White has obviously become a better writer since this book.  The scene-setting was far more powerful in Lost Souls – I could almost smell the rooms described in that, whereas Fallen Idols relies a lot more on the characters themselves, who all seem to be larger than life, and therefore not as realistic.

Good beach read, probably – and definitely worth the £0 I paid for it! 🙂


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