lock her up!

Oh the horror!

The Girl is at her dad’s this weekend – and thank God as she’s been a pain in the arse for the past couple of weeks.

All we’ve had from her is huge amounts of answering back and attitude, and it has been very, very wearing.  I even met with her dad last week as his wife has threatened that if she misbehaves herself THERE one more time, then she’s not going to be able to stay there any more.  In fact, we agreed that when he has her, I have to let him know in advance whether she’s been playing up so he makes sure he doesn’t give her any treats!

Thursday night, I told her off because she was answering me back and using an extremely condescending tone with me all the time.  She kept saying that she didn’t mean to be rude, and then was using the same tone again and again.

After school yesterday, she called me in a bit of a state as she had got into a bit of an argument with a couple of her friends because (surprise, surprise) they thought that she had spoken to them really rudely, and yet she said it was ‘just because she was a bit tired’ and didn’t mean to speak to them like that.  Funny that.

Anyway, speaking of funny, it lead to the most amusing line I have had out of her for ages…they went into Humanities, and were doing some kind of Roman re-enactment and then (in The Girl’s words): “Niamh called me a lesbian because I accidentally hit her on the boob with a cardboard sword”.


Anyway, she then said “Then the others said I MUST be a lesbian because I haven’t got a boyfriend!” and I laughed and said, “No babe, you haven’t got a boyfriend because you’re ELEVEN!!”

Anyway, I was rather annoyed that having informed her dad yesterday what an annoying bint she’d been, I got a text from her this morning saying “Hi Mum!!  We’re off to the London Dungeons!”.  Obviously he’s realised like me that grounding her means that you’re grounding yourself – however, I stick to it.

So, I sent back “Can you ask them if you can stay there?”, and I loved her reply, “(sarcastic voice) Ha ha very funny!” – yes, she had to point out her sarcasm.  I love it.  That’s my girl.  “Love you xxxx”, “Love you too mother xx”

She really is entertaining…

girlie time

The original animated mops!

I got The Girl back a couple of days ago, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  The way I am feeling at the moment is a far cry from the way I was feeling when I wrote this entry.

Today we’ve been having a Lazy Day, in fact she’s not even bothered getting out of her PJs, the lazy mare.

She wanted to spend some time at home, as she’s barely been here the past few weeks.  she wanted to play on her computer, watch TV (we watched a couple of episodes of Samantha Who and Being Erica and then sang along to Moulin Rouge and she laughed while I cried to it, as I always do!).

Yesterday we had rushed around getting new uniform, shoes, tights, applying for her first Oyster card, and then we went to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  It was actually pretty good.  If you go along with no expectations, and expect to be entertained by some great special effects and not have to think at all, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

The Girl thought it was fab, and I found it completely watchable.  Although I have been watching Roger & Val Have Just Got In the last couple of weeks, so it was odd seeing Alfred Molina being an all-powerful evil sorcerer after that!

I did like the fact that they recreated the original Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene from fantasia, together with the music.  that was a nice touch.

Tomorrow, I will be doing something extremely scary.  I will be getting a set of house keys cut for The Girl.  I find this difficult to deal with.  To me, this is the most significant sign that she is growing up.  Very hard to deal with 🙂

I do still get to tease her though – I noticed a guy on the Tube home on wednesday night that was obviously eavesdropping on our conversation and smirking to himself.

I can’t remember how it started, but she was saying soemthing about me being stuck with her for the rest of my life as she is my daughter and the most important thing in the world to me…ha!!!

Me:  But you’re not really my daughter – I just found you

TG:  No, you didn’t.  You’re my mum.

Me:  Nah, I found you in a skip.

TG:  No you didn’t.  You gave birth to me (this was said a little too loud for my liking)

Me:  Nope. Not me. You could be anyone’s!

TG:  No. I’m yours.  *pause*  Like who?

Me:  You could be a princess, for all you know.

TG:  Nah. Boring.

Me:  Or you could be the real daughter of someone famous.  You could be the secret child of Robbie Williams

TG:  Well, that would account for my singing voice

Me:  Yeah – you are a bit rubbish, aren’t you?

TG:  *gives me the evil eye*

future quantum theorist?

awww, pretty quantum stuff

So, The Girl just ran out from her bedroom, declaring that she needed to give me ‘the biggest hug in the world’!

She’s hugging me tightly (which is lovely), and murmuring daft things to me about how she loves me more than anything.

TG:  I miss you when I’m not with you

Me:  But you are with me

TG:  I wasn’t in the same room as you

Me:  You were only 2 rooms away

TG:  But I miss you when I’m not in the same room. Just as much as I do when I’m not in the same building.  Or in the same country.  Or the same continent.  And probably if I wasn’t in the same world.  Or even the same universe.  Not that I think that is ever likely to happen.

Me:  You don’t think you’d ever be in a parallel universe to me?

TG:  I don’t think so.  I could be at the other end of the universe to you, but if I carried on a bit, I’d just come back to the start anyway.

Me, confused:  So you think that if you travel from one end of the universe to the other, you’ll come back to where you started?

TG:  yes. Like in PacMan

Me:  Aren’t you too young to know about PacMan?

TG:  I’ve played it!  It still exists, silly.

And with that she runs off.

The Man:  She’s right, you know

Me:  Ok, so she’s played PacMan.  God knows why

TM:  No, she’s right about the universe.  Current quantum theories believe that if you go to the end, you’d come back to the beginning.

Me:  Oh

TM:  Is she SURE she just wants to be a weather girl?

I reckon they’re both just making it up to make me feel stupid.

girlie games

My baby over the park today 🙂

So, The Girl had a sleepover round her friend’s house last night, and then we picked her up today to go and spend a few hours over the park.

On the way over, we were talking about what she’d got up to the night before.  Her friend is a very very loud, confident girlie girl.  Even more girlie than The Girl is.

Me:  So did you have fun then?

TG:  yeah, not bad.  We were making our own games up

Me:  so, what games did you make up then?

TG:  well, first of all, we were crawling around as we were playing puppies.  And then we played mermaids.  And then we played ‘Man with a shotgun who is going to murder us’

behind closed doors

What shall I open next?

So, we were watching Doctor Who.

The Girl:  Would you like one of those?

The Man:  What?

The Girl:  One of those sonic screwdrivers

The Man:  Not particularly

The Girl:   Really?  Why not?  They get you through ANY doors!  you could go ANYWHERE!!

Me:  so, would you want one then?

The Girl:  Of COURSE I would!!

Me:  Where would you want to go?

The Girl:  Well, I’d quite like to see what’s in the art cupboard at school.

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