cold kill – neil white

Cold Kill

I must have some kind of block when it comes to Neil White’s Laura McGanity books, as I seem unable to read them in the right order.

I have read Book 2, then Book 1 and now Book 5.  I don’t know how/why I missed Books 3 & 4 in the middle!

It doesn’t matter though – these ARE very stand-alone books of the usual stabby-thriller-catchy-killer genre…although Laura is now a Detective Sergeant (ooooo!!! missed that happening!).  She is still living with local reporter Jack Garrett in his dad’s old house up North and adjusting to a slower way of life than her London home.

Although, considering the number of murders she’s obviously had to solve, it can’t be that sleepy up there.

In this offering, a young girl’s body is found.  Her murderer has a curious obsession though, which is similar to another recent local murder.  While Laura and her team try to solve the case, Jack finds himself also drawn into it.

I do love the pace of Neil White’s story-telling – it gives a really energetic feel to his books, which means i manage to get through them REALLY quickly.  If you like the genre, then I thoroughly recommend him for a lighter read! (He’s quite cute too – click here).

(I will have to go back and read Last Rites & Dead Silent at some stage!)


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