bah humbug christmas

In the words of Scrooge...

I know that I’m not usually the most Christmassy of people, but I’ve been particularly miserable this year.  The Man managed to bring flu home with him last week, and on Friday last week, The Girl got it, and then on Saturday I did.

Me & The Girl spent the whole weekend in bed, and I was so weak with it all that I was subjected to awful Christmas films as she had control of the remote control, and I didn’t have the energy to do anything about it!

There is only so much Doris Roberts a girl can watch – surely.  i know that I have certainly had my fill for the rest of my life.  I was also conned into watching Aquamarine, which was like a modern day girlie version of Splash meets The Little Mermaid.

By Tuesday, The Man went back to work and The Girl was feeling a lot better.  As for me, I was having difficulty breathing amongst other things.  I first got asthma about 6 years ago all of a sudden, and have therefore apparently been entitled to a flu jab.  The doctor’s surgery keeps ringing me to tell me to go down and have it, which I have always refused.  but then again, I don’t think I’ve had ‘proper flu’ for about 10 years!  i’ve had colds and everything, but not flu.

It’s been so crap that The Man was even threatening to take me to A&E (which I wasn’t having!) and my mum had even got to the point where she said “Don’t worry if you wont make it on Christmas Day”.

How depressing.

On Wednesday evening, I realied I had a last chance to get some presents that I needed, and so got on a bus and went shopping.  For about half an hour.  That was way more than I could really cope with, and as I was waiting for the bus to come home, I coughed so much that I had to be sick into a bin.  Which was classy.  Luckily, I think all the other people waiting for the bus probably thought I was just a pisshead.

Anyway, apart from the coughing, and feeling extremely tired, I’m feeling a bit better today, and I DID make it to my mum’s yesterday – and Christmas Day was actually very nice.

Because of The Man’s long-term unemployment which came to an end in July, this has been the first Christmas in about 4 that we have been able to buy decent presents as a family.  it took us ages to open them all on Christmas morning, which was lovely.

I just felt bad for the rest of my family, as I hadn’t had a chance to buy all those extra little pressies that I usually get – and my poor mum, I hadn’t managed to get her anything at all (even though I’d spent hours before I was ill trying to find the perfect scarf for her to match her new handbag).  Luckily, I had a stroke of genius half an hour before we left and wrote out a note card to her saying that i would take a day off work in the next couple of weeks, take her to Oxford St to find the right scarf, and then take her for afternoon tea somewhere posh.

She was very very happy 🙂  Which made me very happy.

All in all, apart from illness, life is great.

why i love my family

My uncle looks nothing like this, actually!

So, the other night, I gave my nan and uncle a buzz to check whether there was anything they particularly wanted for Christmas.

My uncle has lived with my nan all his life, and he must be about 64 by now, but (apart from my parents) he always has been (and always will be) my favourite member of my family.

He’s like a proper Victor Meldrew, moaning about absolutely everything and everyone, but in a very very funny way.

So, I was talking about some presenter or the other (it has completely gone out of my head who it was now) and he said “Oh, blimey, I can’t STAND her!!  She annoys me so much – she’s so egotistical!”, I was a little taken aback as he was so vehement with it, and then he said, “I’ll tell you who else I can’t stand…that stupid bitch who’s always sticking something in a pot!”.

I paused for a moment, wracked my brain and eventually ventured, “…Nigella Lawson…???”

“THAT’S the one!”, he confirmed, delighted.

I love my uncle.  🙂

chav christmas

The Man:  Now that I’m working, I’m going to splash out and get you one of those big padded boxed ‘To my fiancee’ cards for Christmas
Me:  Really?!  Well, I assume you’ve been doing your anus-stretching exercises!
TM:  Why?
Me:  So that it wont hurt as much when I shove it up your arse!

ewww! they’re looking at me!

19 Wigmore Street, London

Last night we had our work’s Christmas ‘do’, and we actually did something that I’ve been wanting to do for ages!

I work for a very very small (but successful) company – we only have 15 people that work for us – and for our do, we went to the wonderful L’atelier des Chefs in Wigmore Street.

It’s a great concept.  You go along, and you are taught how to cook a dish – they do different price ranges, styles and number of courses – you’re taught by a professional chef (our one was pretty cute), in a professional kitchen, and then you sit down with your class and eat the results of your labours.

We did a three course meal, which was prawns with avocado, haloumi, chili etc followed by duck with green beans, flaked almonds and an orange sauce and then poached pears with sable biscuits and cinnamon cream.  It was fantastic.  As there were 15 of us, we were split into 3 teams of 5, and I slipped up really…I’m quite a good cook, and I’m an absolute foodie and watch food programmes constantly.  I ended up in the group with 4 blokes who never cook.  not only did I have to shout a lot, but I also ended up doing most of the work AND I kept getting really frustrated with them – especially as two of them managed to cut themselves (one I reckon did it on purpose to get out of doing anything!).  i even had to peel quite a few of the prawns, which I NEVER do as I can’t have my food looking at me!  Eyes should be gone before I think about eating something!

But surprisingly, even though I was in the crappest team, the food we produced was absolutely gorgeous!  And I loved having all the professional equipment – the knives were SO sharp – I’ve never been able to dice an onion so finely, LOL.

Also, it was great that while we were eating each course, all the kitchen was cleared and everything set out for us – we didn’t have to do any measuring, weighing, washing-up, searching for equipment etc etc – just get on with cookign what was a scrummy, perfect meal!

With a couple of glasses of champagne on arrival and copious bottles of wine during the meal, it was a brilliant evening, and lovely for us all to get together – there were people who have worked for the company for years who had never met (there are quite a few home-based).

And they have a fantastic cookware shop there too (as they would have) and after we’d finished eating, my chief exec had another surprise – we each had a tab of £25 to get whatever we wanted from the shop!!  Woohoo!!  All this on top of a Christmas bonus that had been unexpected.  AND then we had lots more booze bought for us at a bar round the corner.

I love my company.  I love food.  And I officially loved last night and recommend it to anyone.  I’d love to organise to do it with a group of friends.

The table where we ate, with the kitchen just behind.

christmas has finally come

Yvette can see the ghosts so much clearer!

For his main Christmas pressie, I decided last year to get a V+ box installed for The Man.  There is no change to how much I pay each month for Virgin, but the installation fee always put me off.

So, I booked the engineer a couple of days before Christmas, and they were booked in today.  You can imagine how likely we thought it would be that he would actually turn up with the state of the roads etc locally in all this snow and ice!

But yes, he turned up – lovely bloke that he was.  We’ve moved the old standard box into our bedroom (The Girl is VERY jealous!) and now have our nice shiny (and very flash looking) V+ box in the lounge.

I’ve always said that I can’t tell the difference between HD and non-HD TV but i have to admit, looking again, I actually really can, LOL.

The Man is like a kid in a sweet shop – he doesn’t know what to do first.  Of course now, we can do the whole series link thing, stop live TV, and record two programmes while watching a third – so he’s just playing with everything, and I keep hearing little squeals of delight coming from the lounge.

What is it that they say about simple things?

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