immortality – it’s not forever

The Man is a devil when he's hungover

I love my family, I really do – I love the way that even when we’re watching a serious documentary, it all turns into serious discussion about absolute shite.

For example, the occurence of the following conversation just now:

Me:  They called the smog in London ‘a right pea-souper’ because it was yellow and like breathing liquid

The Girl:  Ewww, that’s gross.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do that, it would kill you.

Me:  The average life expectancy for men was 29 years old (I’m not always that accurate, the programme had just said!)

G:  That’s REALLY young.

The Man:  You’d only have 19 years left though – and without us to feed you.  You’d have to go and sweep chimneys.

G:  At least I’m skinny enough to get up there.

TV:  “in the 1800s, 57% of children born in London died before the age of 5”

G:  Oh my gosh!!!  (yes, she really does say that) that means over HALF my class would have died!  But then most of them weren’t born in London so does that count?  I don’t want to die!

Me: You’re not living in the 1800s, you’re not going to die.

G:  I’m never going to die?

Man:  Everyone dies.  except me, I’m immortal. (His usual argument)

G:  When are you going to give that up?  You’re NOT immortal.  You’re going to die the same as everyone else!

Man:  How do you know?  Have I died yet?

G:  No, not yet, but you’re still young.

Man:  Thank you

G:  Well, ish.

And now we’re introducing her to Little Shop Of Horrors 🙂

back to life, back to reality

Jazzy B was gutted that he'd forgotten his briefcase for his Alistair Darling impression

The last few weeks have been really odd.  Not going into the office, not getting much work at all, The Girl not around, The Girl  not at school when she came back, and then all of us stuck indoors cos of the snow.  Add on to that seeing family, catching up with friends, presents, theatre, me and The Man getting colds, the whole Christmas and New Year thing and the lack of decent TV it’s been a very strange time.

So I’m actually really looking forward to going back into work tomorrow.  I DO so like a bit of routine.  Not TOO much routine, but enough to make me feel comfortable.  I miss having a decent amount of work to really get my teeth into.  This year is going to be a busy one and I’m looking forward to it!

The Girl is SO happy that she’ll be able to go to school tomorrow.  She’s only had half a day back, and there were only 7 of her class in (lazy buggers!).  The Girl loves school.  I have forced that into her by making her life such a misery at home that she’s just ecstatic to be away from me!  😀

I’ve actually got a busy week this week, not only have I got to get used to doing a full day’s work every day for a whole week (eek!!  the trauma!!) but I’ve also got my work’s christmas do (we decided to have it late – cheaper, so we can aford more booze!) AND I’ve decided to go to the London blog meet up that chopandcut suggested to me.  This is the first step in my determined effort to be more sociable this year that I mentioned last week.   I am dead dead nervous, and probably wont speak to anyone but hell, it’s a start!!

christmas has finally come

Yvette can see the ghosts so much clearer!

For his main Christmas pressie, I decided last year to get a V+ box installed for The Man.  There is no change to how much I pay each month for Virgin, but the installation fee always put me off.

So, I booked the engineer a couple of days before Christmas, and they were booked in today.  You can imagine how likely we thought it would be that he would actually turn up with the state of the roads etc locally in all this snow and ice!

But yes, he turned up – lovely bloke that he was.  We’ve moved the old standard box into our bedroom (The Girl is VERY jealous!) and now have our nice shiny (and very flash looking) V+ box in the lounge.

I’ve always said that I can’t tell the difference between HD and non-HD TV but i have to admit, looking again, I actually really can, LOL.

The Man is like a kid in a sweet shop – he doesn’t know what to do first.  Of course now, we can do the whole series link thing, stop live TV, and record two programmes while watching a third – so he’s just playing with everything, and I keep hearing little squeals of delight coming from the lounge.

What is it that they say about simple things?

day of the triffids

Evil Eddie
Eddie in DOTT

Last night I watched both parts of Day of the Triffids on BBC1.

I remember the original series when I was little, the one with the really awful big orange and yellow flowers.  I must have been about 9 or 10 when it was on, and I found it completely terrifying.

My mum and dad used to go to this club (I think it was bowls, cricket, tennis or something – it was definitely based around some kind of sport, but the exact details are a little hazy) and I used to have to go along with them, but i used to have to stay and amuse myself in the bar, which was some kind of odd wooden structure.  Anyway, they had a TV in there, and I remember it must’ve been shown on Thursdays, as it used to be on straight after Top of the Pops.

It’s amazing what parts of your life your memory regurgitates.

Anyway, last night’s triffids were far better than the ones in the early 80s, which is to be expected – and some of the shots actually felt quite atmospheric and a little spooky…but when it comes down to it, it was just large flowers walking around killing people – which, when you think of it like that, is NEVER really going to feel very believable, and hence not really scary.

I also love Eddie Izzard, so i was looking forward to seeing him in it – especially as I recently got to see him in a room of about 100 people for a special showing of his new documentary at the Prince Charles Cinema, and he answered one of my questions afterwards.  i felt all silly girlie when he was talking to me.  it was like your secret crush talking to you when you’re a teenager – I was all cool n the outside, just nodding, and smiling slightly while he was talkign, and inside I was going “Oh…my…GOD!!  it’s Eddie fucking Izzard, and he’s talking to ME!!  look – he’s looking right at me. into MY eyes!!  woohoo!!  it’s Eddie fucking Izzard!!”.

And he was pretty good in Triffids…but i did keep expecting him to break into a James Mason impression, so I kind of spoilt it for myself.

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