vambie or zompire?

I think 'Zampire' sounds more fluffy 😉

We keep having the same discussion in our household about whether there could be any circumstance where you could have a vampire zombie.

I mean this in all seriousness – we really do have this conversation.  And we get into quite a heated debate.

The Man wont entertain any thought of it at all.  As soon as the words “Vampire Zombie” are uttered, he just says “Can’t happen!”.

This morning he wasn’t quite on top form though, which ended with me in stitches.

The Man:  It just CAN’T happen!

Me:  But what if the vampire bites you AFTER the zombie does, before you die and rise again – then you’ve been infected by both.

The Girl:  Yes, you’d still have blood then

The Man:  But the zombie supercedes everything!

The Girl:  How do you know that?

The Man:  Just look at The Zombie Survival Guide *points at it on the shelf*

Me:  It doesn’t say anything in there at all about if you’ve been bitten by a vampire!

The Girl:  Yeah, and in Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire…

The Man:  Oh hush, that’s just a silly kids book, it’s not real!

Me:  Not real? Unlike all other vampire and zombie books aye?

The Man:  Erm. Yes. Leave me alone. I’m tired…


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