chocolate heaven

Little mouthfuls of chocolate velvet

Every girl loves chocolate, don’t they?  Well, it is generally accepted that they do, even though there are obviously quite a few exceptions to the rule – which is great, because it means there is more chocolate left in the world for the rest of us!

Until 2 or 3  years ago, if asked what my favourite chocolate was, I would always answer ‘Galaxy’ – but this has changed.  A lot.  I still like Galaxy, but it’s more of a fallback these days.  And I thought I would share my now favourite with you.

Montezumas.  Oh yes.  Lovely, smooth, flavourful, totally chocolatey Montezumas.  Found at in case you don’t click/notice links!

I first found Monty’s when I was wandering around in Brighton and happened upon one of their shops.  My friend had been raving about Choccywoccydoodah (or something like that), and we had just been into their shop, which I found AWFUL!  It was garish, OTT and the chocolate didn’t taste anything special.  I felt a bit like I do about Hotel Chocolat – that they put too much effort into what the chocolate products LOOK like and not enough abotu what they TASTE like.  Saying that though, Hotel Chocolat LOOK quite stylish – and the same couldn’t be said for Choccy-thingy-stuff.

And then we wandered into the Monty’s shop.  Classy.  Simple.  And the girl offered us a couple of samples, and I was blown away.  So blown away, that I immediately returned home and treated myself to the unthinkable – a monthly chocolate box.  God I felt extravagant (I’m not exactly rolling in it!).  But the moment I got my first box through, I knew I had made the right decision.

The monthly box comes in a very plain cardboard outer, and there is no additional packaging inside.  There are always 15 truffles/single chocolates, a large bar and two ‘other’ chocolate products.  And you never know what you’re going to get!!  It doesn’t sound a lot, but each mouthful of chocolate is just so packed full of flavour, and gives such a chocolate hit, that you don’t sit there eating one after another like you would with say, Thorntons or Roses – it actually satisfies your chocolate cravings.  And a fair amount of their range is organic and/or vegan (if you’re worried about that kind of thing).

Some of my favourites so far have been their wonderful smooth drinking chocolate, the absolutely perfect air-dried mango dipped in white chocolate with chilli (amazing!) and their dark milk chocolate with butterscotch.  Surprisingly, seeing as The Man has always hated white chocolate, he loves theirs (although I think it’s a ploy to be able to eat more of MY chocolate!), and he was also in heaven last Father’s Day when I got him a 900g kilner jar full of of giant milk chocolate buttons for him from The Girl.  Guess how many the two of us saw of those!

I look forward to the middle of every month, and attack the cardboard with glee!  I am now contemplating which single choc I am going to have, as I need one because I have been thinking about them to compile this post!

If you’re in Brighton, Chichester, Winchester, Kingston or Spitalfields, make sure you check their shop out!

Now I just have to dream of the day that I finally go all out and order a ‘Create a Kilo’ Bar…I have dreamt about dark milk chocolate, coffee and dates for a long long time…


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