kids are stupid

One detention you would NOT want to attend!

I am no longer in any doubt of this fact.  Well, obviously I can only really vouch for MY kid, but I’m sure it’s not unusual.

On Saturday, I got a letter from the school informing me that my daughter has a detention (today) after school due to her forgetting to bring her planner to school.  I was also told that I need to make sure that I am aware of what my daughter is up to etc etc (probably worded far better, but the school is pretty strict, so perhaps not!)

So, when The Girl got back from her dad’s on Saturday, I asked her:

Me:  Did anything happen at school this week that I should know about?
TG *confused look*:  No
Me:  Are you sure?
TG:  Yes
Me:  So, you haven’t got a detention on Wednesday night?
TG:  No
Me:  So, what’s that letter about?
TG reads the letter:  Ohhhh, yes, I have
Me:  So, why did you say no?
TG:  I forgot
Me:  And me asking specifically “Do you have a detention on Wednesday night?” didn’t jog your memory??!!
TG *evil look*

But that’s not the worst of it.  in the letter, it says that if she misses today’s one hour detention, then she gets a 1.5 hour detention with the headmistress on Friday.

This morning:

Me:  Don’t forget you’ve got your detention after school
TG:  I know, I wont forget!!
*carries on getting ready*
TG:  Mu-um – is my detention one hour or one and a half?
Me:  Shouldn’t YOU know that?
TG:  Well, I thought it was one, but the letter says one and a half
Me:  No, it says if you forget to go then it’s one and a half
TG:  So, it;s just one hour then?
Me:  Have you forgotten to go?
TG:  Well, only once
Me:  What?  What do you mean you forgot once?!
TG:  I was supposed to go last Wednesday, but I forgot, which is why I have to go tonight, but I just wanted to make sure that it was just for an hour
Me:  you were meant to go on Wednesday?!?!  I didn’t know that
TG:  I know
Me:  Why did you tell me then!?!?  If you’d gone last Wednesday, the school wouldn’t have written me a letter and I probably would have never known you HAD a detention.  And if you hadn’t told me just now about the original detention then I wouldn’t have known about THAT!  Why do you keep telling me things!  THINK!
TG:  Ohhhh…

Why can’t she be underhand like *I* was at her age…when I wasn’t being an angel of course!

waving goodbye

So sad to see her go!

The Girl started ‘big school’ yesterday?

She was SO excited, it was unbelievable.  Considering all the crap that she’d had with that bitchy girl in her class over the past 3 years – and the fact that we found out just before the summer holidays started that ‘she’ (her arch-nemesis as The Girl calls her) was going to the same school, I’m surprised that her enthusiasm has been so high!

But she’s very dificult to wear down – which is a good thing of course 🙂

So, yesterday was Day 1 of high school (secondary school if Lee’s reading).  Although it was only actually 2 hours – 1.20 to 3.30.  But she was determined to walk to school by herself (her friend round the corner was getting a lift – which I find quite pointless) and so I literally had to wave her off from the gate and watch her go – so tiny and helpless – hence my poignant photo, LOL (I then went inside and had a few tears to myself while noone was looking).

She went off again this morning – after getting changed really quickly so that The Man could see her in her uniform.  Yesterday was just Year 7 and all getting to know her form class and form tutor and getting her lanyard and planner (which are the 2 most important things in her school) and getting her photo taken.

Today, the rest of the school are there and she’ll need to get to know her way around, find out her timetable and charge her lunch card up with money and get used to the hustle of the dining hall.

I’ve even had to get her own door keys cut!

All bloody scary staff if you ask me.  Which she did.  She asked how I felt when I went to high school, and to be honest, I can’t even remember.  I know that I didn’t know hardly any of my new classmates – I think there was just one who had been in my primary school.  My school was roughly the same size as hers is – but hers is all girls.  Still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, LOL

too many thoughts

I seem to spend half my day thinking “I should really stick that down in my blog” and then never getting around to posting it, because I run out of time, and by the time I remember, it’s no longer fresh in my mind, or the moment has just passed.

I need to write the last part of my gig from Thursday night, I need to write up my review of Blacklands, and I want to write up about the trauma that we had with The Girl on Thursday and the evil bints in her class again.

I also want to write the conversation that I overheard this morning, which once again made me life at her sheer ingenious at arguing her point, but I have been really busy at work today and I’m hoping that the exact words said wont go out of my head before I get home tonight!

We should know in the next day or two whether she’s got into the school that we’re hoping for.  I’m keeping everything tightly crossed, as it’s going to be a bit difficult if she hasn’t!  I know my dad will start harking on about appealing, and getting a lawyer etc etc etc.

So, this entry has turned into more of a to-do list than anything else…and I had better start doing!!

(And I haven’t even told Gareth which ‘celeb’ I snogged yet!)  😀

just give me the hurt

All evil girls should be green, so they're easy to spot!

Is it wrong for a fully grown woman to want to punch a small girl hard in the face?

I’m not talking about my own girl of course, as she is my main source of entertainment, and as annoying as she can be occasionally, she’s generally just funny and pretty well-behaved….polite, well-mannered, witty and loving.

So, who, and why?

Well, there is this one girl in her class who is like the Queen Bee of all the girls – what she says goes.  All the girls have to play what she plays, do what she does and think what she thinks.  The majority of the girls in The Girl’s class do this – mainly due to fear…fear of this girl beating them up or just casting them out of ‘the crowd’.

The Girl is a little different however.  She is completely unbullyable!  Believe me, I’ve tried – I think I should be able to bully her.  She should be scared of me – *I* had the decency to be scared of my mum!

So this nasty evil little bitch of an eleven year old does everything she can to get to The Girl.  On friday, she came home from school and burst into tears because this bitch had told all of the girls in their class that she had some disease, and not to talk to her or they’d catch it too.  She also told The Girl’s best friend that she mustn’t play with her, or all the other girls would ignore her.  The Girl’s best friend doesn’t have a fraction of the confidence or personality of The Girl, and so just went along with what Queen Bitch said…which led to The Girl having no friends to play with at break time.

This has gone on for about 3 years now, since The Girl’s then best friend for 3 years (a fantastic little girl with pints of personality) left their school because her family moved.  It left The Girl in a bit of a difficult situation as she’d put all her eggs in one basket.

I know that in the long run, it is best that The Girl can’t be led astray, that she knows right from wrong and that noone will ever tell her how to live her life…but as a 10 year old girl, it’s devastating – and I really don’t know what to do about it.  I keep telling her that she’s only at that school til July, and that hopefully Queen Bitch wont be at her new school – and even if she is, she might not see much of her because high school is so much bigger.  I keep playing it down and telling her that there’s noone as cruel as little girls, and that if they were boys, they’d have a fight, and then make off and go off in a big group.

But I want to hurt her.  I want to see how she reacts to someone being so cruel.  Bitch.

Luckily, I’d booked tickets for me and The Girl to go and see The Princess & The Frog on Friday night, and she hadn’t known, so she got a great surprise.  And she got to stay round my parents on Saturday night while I went out boozing.  She hardly ever goes there, and she loves it.  And I took her for brekkie at the caff.  So all in all, she had a fab weekend, and went back to school yesterday and (as I predicted) the whole thing had been forgotten over the weekend.

Until the next time.  And there will be a next time.  And I dread it.

big and fat

Postman Pat was dreading his rounds

And no, I’m not referring to myself in the title!

What kind of Londoner would I be if I didn’t make some kind of mention about the weather at the moment?

We have had great big fat fluffy blobs of snow falling since late last night – it’s gorgeous.  The Man decided to get a cold yesterday, and today is my last day off from work, so I had to get The Girl to school this morning.  however, ut wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  the roads were gritted and the pavements were crunchy snow or nothing at all – no ice around whatsoever!

I wonder what it is that always makes snow seem so magical.  I get so excited whenever it falls.  Last night, I kept opening the curtain every 20 minutes to see if had got any heavier.  this morning I was loving the crunchy softness underfoot.

Anyway, I had to go and get The Girl from school at 2pm as they decided to close after all, and they are apparently going to be closed tomorrow.  I’m just hoping that The man gets over his man-flu by then.  I am a crap patient, and an even crapper nurse-maid.  But he knows it.  I’m great with The Girl, but when it’s him, I am rubbish at sympathy.  It’s just not natural to me.  That might make me a bitch, but it’s just me and he knows it and accepts it.

Anyway – please Mr Weather, send a lot more big fat white flakes my way!!!  Cheers x

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