not what i needed

Not really what I was hoping to see last night!

Well, last night wasn’t my most pleasant journey home by a long shot!

Considering one of the points I made yesterday, that it was harder to walk down stairs than up, the sign on the left that greeted me at Camden Town wasn’t exactly a good omen!

There are 96 steps.  Argh!

So, I decided to get on a bus.  I planned to go to Euston, but the first one that came along went via Kings Cross, which I thought would be fine, but when we drew up outside Kings Cross, I realised that the only entrance I’ve ever used there is really steep steps down to the underground, LOL.  I’m sure that there must be a ‘disabled’ way down, but wasn’t going to traipse round the station looking for it in rush hour.

So I stayed on the bus to Liverpool Street, which seemed to take an absolute age!  Thank God I was reading a good book (Black Lands if you’re interested) – although my dad called me, and then nattered on for about 20 minutes anyway, which must’ve pissed off everybody else on the bus.  He did have a very funny story though, which I will tell in my next post 🙂

One good thing about going to Liverpool Street (no stairs/no escalators) was that there is a Krispy Kreme on my way to the platform – so I treated the three of us to doughnuts!  Hurrah!!

Today, my leg has been absolutely killing me, and I assume it’s because of the amount of exercise it got yesterday, and the amount of jolting, bashing, straining etc.  When I got up this morning, I saw that a bruise had started to form, which certainly hadn’t been there before – and seeing as I did this almost 2 weeks ago, it feels weird that there’s finally something to show for it!  I wonder how much it will come out.

My bosses, after taking the piss out of me for two days, have told me to work from home tomorrow to give it a rest.  Bless them.  but that could be because I suggested that I call the National Bullying Hotline to report them, LOL

My very ugly swollen calf, with the bruising that I woke up to this morning, 2 weeks after the event!

things that i have learned today

Today I made it into the office for the first time since I did my leg in on 10th Feb!!  Yay me!!!

It has been a steep learning curve.  Things that I have learned today so far include:

  • People generally seem to walk very quickly
  • People with walking sticks seem to talk to you if you’ve got a walking stick
  • You don’t get much time to get off of a tube train
  • When you’re on the tube, you tend to get your feet/legs knocked quite a bit – I had never noticed this before!
  • Traffic lights don’t seem to stay red for very long
  • It is easier to go up stairs than down
  • Our stairs at the office are very VERY steep
  • It took me an extra 20 minutes to get from front door to desk
  • It’s still easy to scoot around on an office chair with one fully functioning leg
  • The printer/kitchen/toilet feel far further from my desk than they were when I was last in the office

I will now continue learning!

arrrr jim lad

I just know this is what me & The Man are going to be like!

Well, it’s now been over a week since I popped my calf muscle, and a few people have asked me how it’s doing, so I thought I’d better to do a quick update.

I am totally impatient, and every night I’ve expected to go to bed and wake up and it’s miraculously better – but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.  How annoying is that?

My progress has actually been pretty good, although yesterday, The Man bought a walking stick from the charity shop where he volunteers and then proceeded to laugh his head off at me as I practiced using it.  To be honest, I can’t get the hang of it at all – old people are awesome!

However, today, I can actually put my foot down flat as I am walking around, and that’s the first day.  When I spoke to my boss earlier, he was laughing at my description that I ‘lurch around like a pissed old bird!’ – I honestly do move a little like a zombie to be quite honest.

I have a gig to go to next week and I need to be able to stand up properly for that.  Although thinking about it, I still haven’t got around to finding someone to go to the gig with me!  Arghh….bugger!

I’m on call this weekend, so I wont be going anywhere much, which gives me a little longer to make sure that it heals properly.  But thanks for everyone’s concern – I know I’ve been a whingey arse, and I hate that.  Mwahs all round xxx

cabin fever

I'm sick of all the Valentine's stuff!!

I have not set foot outside the flat since I did my leg in on Wednesday night!

I’m not in constant pain any more, which is good, and I can now get the ball of my foot down when walking – which is better progress than I had hoped for!  However, trying to get my whole foot flat on the floor is excruciating – and doing the calf muscle stretches that my mate explained to me is just as painful.

So – walking further than the distance from my bedroom to my bathroom is rather a no-no at the moment – especially considering the moment when boredom made me think it would be great to engage in ‘bedroom activities’ and that only ended in severe pain – I’m feeling a little wary just now of over-doing it!

There are only so many episodes of 30 Rock I can watch – in fact I proved that yesterday by watching the whole of Series 3, so I literally don’t have any episodes that I haven’t seen now!  And the sheer number of Valentine’s comments, applications etc on Facebook turned me off of there, and my emails are full of bloody Valentine’s too….well, not literally bloody Valentine’s – although I DID go and see that film with my mates for a laugh in 3D.  It was dreadful, as was to be expected.

Anyway – I’ve already said how I feel about Valentine’s Day, although The Girl did make a Valentine’s card for The Man, which was really sweet.  Especially the ‘explanation’ that she gave me for it “I made it for him, and not for you because Mother’s Day comes before Father’s Day, so you’ll be getting another card sooner than he will!”  See – she thinks these things through!

The Girl is at her dad’s this weekend, which is probably why I’m so bored.  If she was here, she’d be entertaining me which is what she does best.  At least she’s on half term now, so she’ll be around tomorrow and I can play games with her and watch films, and she can make me tea!  Hurrah!

On Tuesday, my boss will actually be back from his long weekend break, and I am hoping that my leg will have healed enough for me to get back into the office, and I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to sit down at the London Bloggers Meet on Wednesday night, and make everyone interesting come over and talk to me 😀

I’m not very nice when I’m whingey.  I apologise for this moany entry.  If anyone has any ideas for entertainment…

who hit me? erm…ouch!!!

I can't even look at this - ewww!!

I am a massive wuss – and this is one of the reasons I never go to the doctors if I can help it.  It makes me feel sick, knowing what my body may or may not be doing!

I am currently stuck indoors, with my leg up in the air, in pretty agonising pain!

Last night, I was at Camden station, and running for the tube as usual (I’m a Londoner – I will always run for the tube rather than wait the whole two minutes for the next one!!) and as I was running down the stairs, there was a woman with a pram (a personal hate of mine – people taking prams/pushchairs/kids in general on tubes during rush hour!).  Anyway, I swerved round this woman and run across the platform.

As I was just about to get on the tube, it felt like someone had hit me in the back of the leg with a very hard rubber ball and there was an odd sensation like a twang…I looked back to see who had thrown something at me, but there was nothing there, and noone behind me, so I thought “That’s odd” and jumped on the tube.

That’s when the pain hit….OMG the pain!!  I thought I was going to be sick, I overheated, started sweating profusely and had to take my coat off.  And I couldn’t put my foot down flat.

When i got off at Euston to change onto the viccy line, I was wondering whether I should go and get a taxi home…but I’m poor and tight, and the thought of going up all the escalators, walking through the station to the taxi rank was making me cry, so I thought the best thing was to get to Walthamstow and get The Man to pick me up from the station.  Which he did.

I was so sick when I got home, and I just couldn’t work out what I’d done.  It hurt so much, and was confusing me.  The Man said maybe I should go to A&E but I did my usual “We’ll see how it is in the morning, it might be better then!”.

I went on Facebook, and moaned, and a friend asked what I’d done and so I described it, 5 minutes later one of my best mates rang up.  She was a nurse for years, and is now a fitness instructor, she said “Did you feel like you’d been hit in the calf with something?”  “YES!”, “Did it then feel like an elastic band twanging?” “YES! How do you know?” “You’ve popped your calf muscle – classic textbook sensations”.

She did then tell me a bit about it, and that I needed to do calf stretches and it would take a few weeks to get better – but i couldn’t even consider stretching it at the time!  And the internally bits, ewww…..sick!!

A little later I googled ‘popped calf muscle’ and this page was the first result back which again described the sensation exactly.  I read a bit of it, but then had to stop – even thinking about it now makes me want to puke!  The only words I remember are keep raised, pop, torn, internal bleeding….yuck.

Luckily I can work from home until middle of next week with no problems, so I can hobble around and make The Man run around after me.  Even though he’s moaning about me ‘doing myself in’ at the moment, LOL.  I want to go to the London Bloggers Meet on Wednesday though, so I’m hoping I’ll be hobbling a bit better by then!

Sympathy…gimme some sympathy!!!

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