no murders in murder alley!

It has amused me that the past couple of days, people have apparently landed on this blog after Googling  ‘”murder alley walthamstow’.

I have no idea how they ended up here, but it is fact the right place to be as the name was coined by me and my mate.

Many years ago, we gave this affectionate name to the little alley between Aubrey Road and Howard Road – purely because after drunken revelry, my mate used to have to walk through this to get home.  she used to say that she’d get raped or murdered or both stumbling home one night, and so I used to tell her to text/call me to let me know she had been OK going through murder alley.

I am assuming that people searching why it was called that have seen it since I added it on Foursquare one day – although I am not sure who has classified it as a hot spring 😀

As far as I know, noone has ever been murdered there – it’s not even dark – it is very well-lit.  However, I can imagine it becoming a bit of a zombie bottleneck during the eventual zombie apocolypse, purely down to them not being able to work out the railings.

Just wanted to make sure people weren’t getting the wrong idea 😉  You can see Murder Alley for yourself here.

Murder Alley is surprisingly non-murdery

UPDATE!!!: Apparently, the reason that so many people have been searching it today is because it wasmentioned on BBC Radio London.  i have no idea why, or how it came to their attention, but I love the fact that a joke between my and @goodwin71 has now become a radio topic 😀

vambie or zompire?

I think 'Zampire' sounds more fluffy 😉

We keep having the same discussion in our household about whether there could be any circumstance where you could have a vampire zombie.

I mean this in all seriousness – we really do have this conversation.  And we get into quite a heated debate.

The Man wont entertain any thought of it at all.  As soon as the words “Vampire Zombie” are uttered, he just says “Can’t happen!”.

This morning he wasn’t quite on top form though, which ended with me in stitches.

The Man:  It just CAN’T happen!

Me:  But what if the vampire bites you AFTER the zombie does, before you die and rise again – then you’ve been infected by both.

The Girl:  Yes, you’d still have blood then

The Man:  But the zombie supercedes everything!

The Girl:  How do you know that?

The Man:  Just look at The Zombie Survival Guide *points at it on the shelf*

Me:  It doesn’t say anything in there at all about if you’ve been bitten by a vampire!

The Girl:  Yeah, and in Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire…

The Man:  Oh hush, that’s just a silly kids book, it’s not real!

Me:  Not real? Unlike all other vampire and zombie books aye?

The Man:  Erm. Yes. Leave me alone. I’m tired…

world war z – max brooks

World War Z - Max Brooks

I thought that World War Z was absolutely fantastic – and by far the best that I have read so far this year (you can see the list of books I’ve read since late Jan here).

I bought this originally for The Man, and he loved it.  Now, I am not a love of all things war (don’t like war films or books – which is odd because I like gangster-type stuff, so it’s not the pointless killing that I’m against) but The Man said that he actually thought I might enjoy it, so to give it a go.

I am SO glad that I did.  It’s an extraordinary book, and very well thought out.

Instead of having your usual storyline ‘…this happened, and then this happened, and then this was a circumstance…’ etc etc, it’s written as a series of interviews with individual survivors across the globe of a war by man with zombies.  The war raged for 10 years, and victory against the zombies has now been called internationally.

Some of the interviews are with general Joe public, some with experts, some with military and they are placed in rough chronological order to give the reader an idea of how the war started, people’s reaction to it, how they lived while it was raging and how it was eventually won.

A brilliant way to tell the story, as it gave Max Brooks a chance to continually change style in a way that ensures the reader doesn’t become bored as each section is just a few pages long.

And I think that everyone will find that they have a favourite ‘voice’ – The Man loved the blind Japanese ‘gardener’ whereas I was quite taken with both the Japanese misfit and the American airwoman.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.  It has a very ‘real’ feel to it that is unnerving at times – so much research must have been put into this, and so much thought as to how each nation would deal with such a devastating event.  I loved it!!

conversations with my daughter (pt 7)

Pretending to be a zombie can be a good thing...

So this morning, The Girl decided to pretend to be a zombie.

First of all, apparently her legs didn’t work, so she was dragging herself across the floor.

The Man:  Get off the floor

The Girl:  i can’t get off the floor

The Man:  you can if you stand up

The Girl: My feet would still be on the floor – anyway, i’m not ON the floor

The Man:  really – cos it sure looks like you are

The Girl:  Really.  My clothes are on the floor, but my skin isn’t.  except my hands.

*lunges at the Man’s legs*

The Girl:  Chomp, chomp. chomp – I’m going to make you a Zombie

The Man:  Get off, idiot child.

The Girl:  Chomp, chomp, chomp

The Man *running away*:  Get OFF me!!

The Girl:  CHOMP!!

The Man:  Leave me alone, or I’ll hit you with…with…*looks around*…a cat!

The Girl:  COOL!! I think i’d like to be hit with a cat.  Could I make her a zombie too?  i’ve never seen a zombie cat.

Me:  You’ve seen a lot of human zombies then?

The Girl:  Oh duh!  Yes!!  *sigh*

zombie fingers

Well, I had a very odd hodge-podge dream last night.

It was a bit of an odd combination.  First of all I was dreaming that I was at this fantastic but massive party – and it was without a doubt the coolest party I have ever been to.  But it was being held in my old school.  there were bonfires everywhere, lots of different ‘themed’ rooms, and loads and loads of people that I knew, except I don’t really know them.  And I was there with my ex-boyfriend.  Now he is probably explained as I’ve been talking to him a lot lately (he’s recently joined Facebook, and we’ve been catching up as we hadn’t spoken for about a year).  But he was my boyfriend in my dream, and there was a lot of snogging and whatever going on (especially the whatever…)

And i’d just got an iPad and everyone was insanely jealous.  Except it was shite.  After having my lovely phone, which is really intuitive, and does everything that I want it to, the iPad was a big pile of poo.  I couldn’t get it to do anything interesting, it was really slow, I couldn’t flick between apps easily and half the time it must’ve decided I was some kind of zombie as the touchscreen didn’t register my touch.

Actually, that has happened to me before on the quiz machine over our local.  Some days it just doesn’t register my touch, and yet everyone else can play it no problem – so maybe I AM a zombie…or a ghost.

Anyway, my dream didn’t make me want an iPad.  I know it was just a dream…but it could have been a sign.  😉

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