chocri – choccie fun!

Lots of yummy chocolate!

Last week I succumb to another Groupon offer – after all, how could I possibly turn down the opportunity of creating my own chocolate bars?

So, we got a £15 voucher for £6.75 for Chocri.  in fact, when I told The Man that I was just going to get a bar for me and a bar for The Girl, he demanded I buy two vouchers.

Oh, it was fun deciding what to add to our chocolate , the range of toppings is HUGE.

Our choices were dried banana and peanut butter drops (The Man); gingerbread spice and plum pieces (Me); raisins, sprinles and mini cookies (I chose for The Girl); bourbon vanilla and cinammon cornflakes (another one for me for paying!).  We also got two mystery bars (which have turned out to be dark choc with lime cream and gummy bears and milk choc with cinammon and hazlenuts).  Not bad for £13.50 inc postage.

It’s nice that you can get to name your bars too – as you can see from the photo.

The chocolate is actually really nice, although it’s no Montezuma’s – but I wasn’t expecting it to be in the slightest.  The Girl was extremely excited as we never really buy her chocolate, so it was a really special treat.  she particularly loved the fact it had her name on it – she loves ANYTHING with her name on it!

So, would I go to Chocri again?  Probably – for very special occasions, maybe for presents etc.  The P&P pushes the price up quiet a bit, but I think that’s because it comes in from Germany.

One good point is that they donate to a charity that supports homeless and orphaned children from the region that their fair trade chocolate is from – and have apparently donated over £31k so far.  I’m not sure on the ethics of their trading – so please don’t quote me on it – it wasn’t my reason for ordering or recommending after all – but for those that are interested in it, it might be soemthign worth looking into!

Now I’m off to break myself another square of my self-created ‘Plum Pudding’ 😀


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