lost souls – neil white

Lost Souls

I hadn’t read anything by Neil White before, and I picked this one up in a charity shop as I had finished my book on the way into work.  Part way through, I realised that this was a series book, and I had in fact missed Fallen Idols, which is the first.

However, that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story.

If you want an easy to read mystery whodunnit kinda thing, then this book really does fit the bill.  think mark Billingham and you’re probably going to be on the right track.  It’s never going to win any awards (although after attempting to read The Famished Road, that’s probably a GOOD thing!) but it is well-enough written and the story is engrossing enough to make you want to know what happens.

The main characters are Laura (a DC) and her boyfriend Jack (a crime journalist – do you see what’s going to happen there) and Laura’s little son Bobby (*groan*) who have all just moved from London to ‘a sleepy Lancashire village’ (for reasons that are obviously explained in the first book).

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story if they really moved to such a sleepy area, and as with all killer-catcher types, they seem to be lucky enough to move somewhere that the crime rate and number of murders immediately escalates!

Someone is abducting young lads but returning them unharmed, and there has also been a young woman murdered in a most horrific way.  Can Jack & Laura solve these cases between them…you’ll have to read the book to find out.  Ahem.

I enjoyed it – it was a much needed entertaining break after the worthiness of Ben Okri!


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