i would NOT do anything!

Oliver! the musical

Now, just to get it straight, I do really like musicals.  And i adore the theatre.  It doesn’t matter how often I go tot he theatre, i love the thrill of excitement before it starts – the sudden hush as the curtan goes up etc etc.  I’m a Londoner, and have access to a wide array of different theatres with so many different types of shows that I could probably go every week and never get bored with it (although I would be VERY skint!)

So, when I asked The Girl what she wanted for ‘home-coming’ (no Christmas for us, remember!) she said that she wanted to go to see Oliver!  My heart sank.  Not just that it would be SO expensive, but because I can’t stand things with too many kids in – and I really can’t stand the film of Oliver!  And there was no way that The Man was going to take her, so it would be just me, listening to some whiny boy screeching at us asking where love is.

Which is exactly what it was.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were koads of things I did like about it.  The sets were fantastic, Griff Rhys Jones was a pretty good Fagin (although I’m pretty gutted that I only missed Omid Djalili by a couple of weeks), Nancy was brilliant, Bill Sikes was brilliantly gruff and manly (apparently the actor was in Press Gang!), the costumes were fantastic, and I did get goosebumps on some of the ensemble bits where the whole cast were singing (I’ve got a real thing about choirs etc)…but generally I wanted to slap all the kids, block my ears to the awful put-on accents and stab Oliver in the eye when his thin reedy voice popped up asking who would buy this wonderful morning.

Argh!!!!  My ears are bleeding!!

Anyway – the main thing was that The Girl loved every minute of it and sang along to the songs that she knew best.

Oh yes, and the only way I could afford it was by going right up in the balcony – oh my GOD that was high up.  That was quite scary really – I’m not very scared of heights, but I did experience a bit of vertigo when we were walking down to our seats.  And really £27 each to be right up there??   I haven’t paid that kind of price for theatre tickets for years and years and I was quite shocked.  I guess I go to more ‘B or C-rate shows’ than the big West End spectaculars – but obviously find them FAR more entertaining, for half the price!


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    1. I actually signed up to it two days after I went to see Oliver (bloody typical!). Thinking of taking The Girl to see Stomp. I saw it before she was born, and I think she’s now at an age where she’d like it.

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