it felt like christmas morning

I just couldn't stop hugging her

Well, my baby came back from 2 weeks in Mauritius with her dad yesterday.  She landed last night, and was meant to come back to me today, but apparently when they landed, she made such a face that he had to bring her back to me late last night as she wanted to be at home straight away.

We were over the moon!  When I opened the door she just ran into my arms and hugged me so tight!  I almost cried.  i am such a bloody wuss.  Then I was taking her boots off, putting her slippers on her, making her a cup of tea and generally fussing around her.  She opened all her ‘home-coming’ pressies, which all seemed to hit the spot.  i certainly know my baby 🙂

Anyway, she didn’t go to sleep til about 11pm, which is 2 hours later than normal, and on her bodyclock it would’ve been 3am!

So – this morning, knowing that I have her back for good, I was way too excited.  I couldn’t sleep.  i woke up at 5am and was just bouncing about (tiredly but excitedly) waiting for her.  Luckily, with her rubbish bodyclock, she woke up at 6.04 (as she told me) and so we snuggled up on the sofa, under a duvet watching crap TV.  we watched Fluke, just cos it happened to be on, and then we’ve watche dthe first 2 Back To The Futures.   All i can say is that she liked Fluke.  She has no bloody taste.

the only 80s film that she’s liked so far is Gremlins!!

I’ve got my baby back, I couldn’t be happier.


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