alternative? to what?!

Today I watched the video below in which Miranda sawyer (The Observer’s Radio Critic) gives her argument for why BBC 6Music should be saved.

What was the most interesting thing for me in this video (apart from her obviously brilliant and eloquent way of arguing the point – put so much better than my blog post a few weeks ago!) was that she suggests that ‘alternative’ is a mindset that you can’t get out of.

I’ve never really thought of myself as ‘alternative’ before – but I’m thinking perhaps I am in my mind.  It’s not a conscious decision but big Hollywood blockbusters don’t interest me.  I watch a hell of a lot of foreign films (especially J/K-horrors) – in fact I have a couple of French ones to watch this weekend from Blockbuster.  And theatre-wise, I am always more likely to go and watch something a little ‘odd’ at Barbican than go and see something like Cats (which I hated every moment of).  In fact, I would only really consider something like that because I’m taking The Girl or going along with somebody else (eg when i went to see Oliver! back in January).

I guess that also accounts for the fact that the thought of going to Disneyland/world fills me with a sense of absolute dread, makes me feel nauseous and therefore I’ve never really considered it.  Although that could be just because I’d probably stab someone.  Probably someone dressed up as an animal of some type.

Does that make my friends alternative too then?  Do they have to be alternative to like me?  Do THEY have to be alternative for me to like THEM?  Or is everyone alternative to something?

My brain is now confused.


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