death ship 666, leicester square theatre

Death Ship 666
Death Ship 666

On a whim, me and my mate booked tickets for this, just down to the name and the poster really.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, and sounded like it may be just the (pretty cheap) ticket for a prospectively grim day.

Death Ship 666 is only half built (and even that’s pretty shabby), and is on its maiden voyage to the Bermuda Triangle. What could possibly go wrong?

A parody of Titanic, it’s a fast-paced, clever farce, drawing on the audience’s knowledge of the film, theatrical cliches, puns and with plenty more clever dialogue.

The cast of six take an a vast array of roles – in fact, during the only musical number (and very amusing it is), one of them has to don two suit halves to sing as his two leading characters – and he pulls it off very successfully too!

It was a laugh from start to finish, and we came out into the rain with a warm glow and a big smile on our faces – sinking ships, brash Americans, nasty posh people, an evil genius, big floppy hair, a 50’s style child detective, a mad captain, doomed lovers and added bears! What’s not to like?

Death Ship 666 has one more show at the Leicester Square Theatre at 2pm on Sunday 23rd February. It wasn’t quite sold out when we went, but I reckon word will get around – so why not book it? You can’t go wrong for just £12.50.


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