dead gone – luca veste

Dead Gone

I received this book as a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

The body of a City of Liverpool University student has been found in a local park.  Another murder for DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi? Well, not quite. This is the first murder that Murphy has had to face since he went through a horrific personal experience around a year before, leaving his nerves and confidence knocked.

On top of that, there is a note left with the body that seems to suggest that this may not be a ‘straightforward’ murder. Not wanting to read too much into it, Murphy believes it to be a crank – but when another body turns up with another letter, the victim also linked to the University, Murphy realises that he may well be dealing with the sick, twisted mind of a serial killer.

As hunty-thriller-catchy-killer books go, this was a good one. There’s an intro that after a while you realise isn’t quite what you originally thought. DI Murphy is a great character, rather broken, as you expect with fictional detectives, but he doesn’t always get it right – he feels more real. He’s not a super-detective. His flaws are many, but his humanity is all. I’m pleased to see that this book is described as (DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi #1) on Goodreads, which hints at it being the first of a series featuring them.

A lot of it seemed to play out very cinematically in my head – and I’m not sure whether that was because the author drew on ‘known’ detective-style scenes, or because the descriptions cast a very strong visual in my mind. Either way, it meant that I could see this transferring to the small screen very easily.

I also liked the way that you strongly know quite a way into the book, exactly who the killer is, but then other events occur and you’re left guessing whether you’d misread it.  It all ties up well in the end.

I’ll look forward to the next one!


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