lock her up!

Oh the horror!

The Girl is at her dad’s this weekend – and thank God as she’s been a pain in the arse for the past couple of weeks.

All we’ve had from her is huge amounts of answering back and attitude, and it has been very, very wearing.  I even met with her dad last week as his wife has threatened that if she misbehaves herself THERE one more time, then she’s not going to be able to stay there any more.  In fact, we agreed that when he has her, I have to let him know in advance whether she’s been playing up so he makes sure he doesn’t give her any treats!

Thursday night, I told her off because she was answering me back and using an extremely condescending tone with me all the time.  She kept saying that she didn’t mean to be rude, and then was using the same tone again and again.

After school yesterday, she called me in a bit of a state as she had got into a bit of an argument with a couple of her friends because (surprise, surprise) they thought that she had spoken to them really rudely, and yet she said it was ‘just because she was a bit tired’ and didn’t mean to speak to them like that.  Funny that.

Anyway, speaking of funny, it lead to the most amusing line I have had out of her for ages…they went into Humanities, and were doing some kind of Roman re-enactment and then (in The Girl’s words): “Niamh called me a lesbian because I accidentally hit her on the boob with a cardboard sword”.


Anyway, she then said “Then the others said I MUST be a lesbian because I haven’t got a boyfriend!” and I laughed and said, “No babe, you haven’t got a boyfriend because you’re ELEVEN!!”

Anyway, I was rather annoyed that having informed her dad yesterday what an annoying bint she’d been, I got a text from her this morning saying “Hi Mum!!  We’re off to the London Dungeons!”.  Obviously he’s realised like me that grounding her means that you’re grounding yourself – however, I stick to it.

So, I sent back “Can you ask them if you can stay there?”, and I loved her reply, “(sarcastic voice) Ha ha very funny!” – yes, she had to point out her sarcasm.  I love it.  That’s my girl.  “Love you xxxx”, “Love you too mother xx”

She really is entertaining…


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