I don't wear the Five Star headset though...

The picture is a bit of a laugh as I’m one of the least techie people I know!

However, I work for a very small software company and we have a lot of clients, so 4 of us take it in turns to spend a weekend ‘on call’.  we get a nice little bung for this from our lovely directors, and happily, our software is bloody good, so we get hardly any calls – and the ones we do get are always user problems.

However, it means that I need to be able to get an internet connection at a couple of seconds’ notice, so can’t really leave the house.

So, yesterday The Girl was all excited about Easter (or about Easter Eggs, I’m not sure, it was a close one) and I broke it to her that I’m actually on call this weekend.

TG:  Oh no!  That’s really boring!

Me:  Well, it’s not quite so boring if you look on it as an investment.

TG:  How’s that then?

Me:  Well, I get paid every month for my two on call days – but if I do any extra ones, or any Bank Holidays during the year, then I get paid for them just before Christmas, which means that you can have presents.

TG:  Ohhhhhhh.  (Thinks for a while).  can’t you ask to do EVERY Bank Holiday then?

I love the fact that she cares about me so much 😀