not what i needed

Not really what I was hoping to see last night!

Well, last night wasn’t my most pleasant journey home by a long shot!

Considering one of the points I made yesterday, that it was harder to walk down stairs than up, the sign on the left that greeted me at Camden Town wasn’t exactly a good omen!

There are 96 steps.  Argh!

So, I decided to get on a bus.  I planned to go to Euston, but the first one that came along went via Kings Cross, which I thought would be fine, but when we drew up outside Kings Cross, I realised that the only entrance I’ve ever used there is really steep steps down to the underground, LOL.  I’m sure that there must be a ‘disabled’ way down, but wasn’t going to traipse round the station looking for it in rush hour.

So I stayed on the bus to Liverpool Street, which seemed to take an absolute age!  Thank God I was reading a good book (Black Lands if you’re interested) – although my dad called me, and then nattered on for about 20 minutes anyway, which must’ve pissed off everybody else on the bus.  He did have a very funny story though, which I will tell in my next post 🙂

One good thing about going to Liverpool Street (no stairs/no escalators) was that there is a Krispy Kreme on my way to the platform – so I treated the three of us to doughnuts!  Hurrah!!

Today, my leg has been absolutely killing me, and I assume it’s because of the amount of exercise it got yesterday, and the amount of jolting, bashing, straining etc.  When I got up this morning, I saw that a bruise had started to form, which certainly hadn’t been there before – and seeing as I did this almost 2 weeks ago, it feels weird that there’s finally something to show for it!  I wonder how much it will come out.

My bosses, after taking the piss out of me for two days, have told me to work from home tomorrow to give it a rest.  Bless them.  but that could be because I suggested that I call the National Bullying Hotline to report them, LOL

My very ugly swollen calf, with the bruising that I woke up to this morning, 2 weeks after the event!

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    1. LOL – Krispy Kreme made it all worthwhile. When I’m back in the office tomorrow, The Man has told me to go there again on my way home 😀 I didn’t realise he was such a doughnut nut.

    1. We (often me & Jo) used to go to Southend when I was a teenager, just because we fancied fresh doughnuts. They are the proper sugar-tossed ones that you always see on seafronts going along on the machine….mmmmmm, love them!!

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