things that i have learned today

Today I made it into the office for the first time since I did my leg in on 10th Feb!!  Yay me!!!

It has been a steep learning curve.  Things that I have learned today so far include:

  • People generally seem to walk very quickly
  • People with walking sticks seem to talk to you if you’ve got a walking stick
  • You don’t get much time to get off of a tube train
  • When you’re on the tube, you tend to get your feet/legs knocked quite a bit – I had never noticed this before!
  • Traffic lights don’t seem to stay red for very long
  • It is easier to go up stairs than down
  • Our stairs at the office are very VERY steep
  • It took me an extra 20 minutes to get from front door to desk
  • It’s still easy to scoot around on an office chair with one fully functioning leg
  • The printer/kitchen/toilet feel far further from my desk than they were when I was last in the office

I will now continue learning!


5 thoughts on “things that i have learned today

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  1. I was in Camden at lunchtime, I almost called to see if you wanted lunch but didn’t want to be seen in public with a cripple.

  2. Aw, hope your leg will feel better soon. I remember how irritated I was when I sprained my ankle, and what you’re going through is far worse. Have the people with canes said anything of interest to you?

    1. Thank you – it feels horrid today – I guess because of how much I was on it yesterday.

      People with walking sticks are mainly nutters, that is the conclusion that I have come to. They tend to say “You’re a bit young for a stick – what’s wrong?” and have big mainly gummy grins, and scary mad laughs, and beards…the women too 😉

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