scritchy scratchy

Look! I won a whole fiver! (The fact the card cost £5 is irrelevant)

As I rose from my seat on the Victoria Line this morning at Highbury & Islington, I closed the cover of my Kindle, and a scratchcard that I had shoved into my bag for safe-keeping fell from the cover where it had become jammed.

I stooped to pick it up, when glancing down, my commute neighbour kissed her teeth and quite audibly announced “SINNER!!”.

I assumed that she was referring to my obviously disgusting gambling ‘habit’, so I looked her straight in the eye, gave her a massive grin and said “Oh hunny, believe me, I sin a HELL of a lot more than THIS!!”

As I moved towards the door with my fellow alighters, i couldn’t quite work out whether the comical expression on her face was horror, disgust or shock that I had challnged her ideals 😉

Whichever it was, it was well worth it!

not what i needed

Not really what I was hoping to see last night!

Well, last night wasn’t my most pleasant journey home by a long shot!

Considering one of the points I made yesterday, that it was harder to walk down stairs than up, the sign on the left that greeted me at Camden Town wasn’t exactly a good omen!

There are 96 steps.  Argh!

So, I decided to get on a bus.  I planned to go to Euston, but the first one that came along went via Kings Cross, which I thought would be fine, but when we drew up outside Kings Cross, I realised that the only entrance I’ve ever used there is really steep steps down to the underground, LOL.  I’m sure that there must be a ‘disabled’ way down, but wasn’t going to traipse round the station looking for it in rush hour.

So I stayed on the bus to Liverpool Street, which seemed to take an absolute age!  Thank God I was reading a good book (Black Lands if you’re interested) – although my dad called me, and then nattered on for about 20 minutes anyway, which must’ve pissed off everybody else on the bus.  He did have a very funny story though, which I will tell in my next post 🙂

One good thing about going to Liverpool Street (no stairs/no escalators) was that there is a Krispy Kreme on my way to the platform – so I treated the three of us to doughnuts!  Hurrah!!

Today, my leg has been absolutely killing me, and I assume it’s because of the amount of exercise it got yesterday, and the amount of jolting, bashing, straining etc.  When I got up this morning, I saw that a bruise had started to form, which certainly hadn’t been there before – and seeing as I did this almost 2 weeks ago, it feels weird that there’s finally something to show for it!  I wonder how much it will come out.

My bosses, after taking the piss out of me for two days, have told me to work from home tomorrow to give it a rest.  Bless them.  but that could be because I suggested that I call the National Bullying Hotline to report them, LOL

My very ugly swollen calf, with the bruising that I woke up to this morning, 2 weeks after the event!

empty on the inside

It was silent, but my fellow commuters certainly noticed I'd let one drop!

Tonight, on my way home from work, I was fortunate enough to be a witness to one of those small miracles of London living – the holy grail of the rush hour commute – an empty tube train on the Victoria line.

And this wasn’t at the end of the line – this was 5.45pm at Euston!

You could hear the gasp of awe and wonder as it slowed down.  the previous tube had only been going as far as Seven Sisters, and there were ‘minor delays’, so a Walthamstow train hadn’t come along for about 10 minutes.  we all knew how crowded the next Walthamstow tube was going to be.  we’d all mentally squished ourselves, re-arranging our internal organs in order to take up the minimum space possible, eyeing up our ‘competition’ to the left and the right who may try to steal ‘our’ space in oblivion.  But all hail Saint Lou, patron saint of the London Underground (OK, so it was Velvet Underground, but it’s close enough), this was a miracle befitting our daily pilgrimage…a glorious empty space, bereft of hot, tightly-packed sweaty bodies.

We actually smiled at each other as we got on and all gratefully lowered our weary posteriors into the lovely squashy red and blue  upholstery.  People were even speaking to each other…OK, so it was nothing more than “Oh wow, an empty train, that’s amazing!”, “Yes, who would have thought?”…but that’s beside the point.  When we arrived at Highbury & Islington, we all grinned through the windows at the latest dumbstruck travellers, enjoying their looks of awe and glee.  And then we got to Finsbury park, and about 600 people got on, and the spell was broken.

I will always remember that little oasis of calm after my hectic day 🙂

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