Well...not quite - she was mid to late 80s!

The journey to work this morning was a bit of a pain – one of the gorgeous new Victoria Line trains had broken down (tut!) and so everything was backed up behind it.  this meant that it was all very crowded on our tube.

We got to Finsbury Park and this tiny female octogenarian got on.  As I was sitting closest to the door, I let her have my seat.  She was with this young gay, obviously gay, in his early 20s and foreign – but so softly spoken that I couldn’t quite work out the accent.  It sounded spanishy.

Now she was quite gregarious, giggly and a bit loud, which made the contrast between the two of them even greater -(I was trying to work out if he was a carer, grandson etc) and although I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop (at first), a couple of her remarks just reeled me in.

I so wish I could have heard what he was saying, but he was just too soft.  however, her responses included a couple of the best lines I have overheard recently!

“It would be great to see him again – and he would LOVE to see me for sure – I can still do the splits, you know!”

And – my favourite.

“No dear, I stopped being a witch ages ago – it was getting far too dangerous!”


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