oh what a night (pt 1)

The Modfather himself!

So, on Thursday night, me & the lovely Mr Chop & Cut went to the Haiti benefit gig at the Roundhouse (one of my favourite venues!).

Since doing my leg in, I’d been thinking that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the event, but after contacting the organisers on Twitter, they arranged for me to exchange my standing tickets for seated ones in the balcony (which were twice as expensive!) – it was a very good move, and we had a pretty decent view!

As it’s only down the road from work, I got there first, and was loitering around the entrance, trying to work out who the people were that were being papped…I later found out that they were mainly various radio presenters, so didn’t feel too bad about not recognising them.

Then Neil Morrisey came and asked me a question (very trivial) but I felt slightly starstruck – and he really played to the crowd when he was presenting a little later, spoke a few words about the disaster and how we should all be doing whatever we can to help the people of Haiti and actually shouted out “Can we fix it?”…corny, but it was appreciated 🙂

So, Marcus Brigstocke was the main presenter, and I know I like him anyway, but he was better than I thought he’d be – a bit more near the mark than he usually is on TV and radio – I guess being live you can get away with more!

So – first act was Nate James.  i’d heard his name before but that’s it.  The start to the gig was bad.  His voice was really good and soully, and I was impressed with it, the only thing wrong was that his first choice was a cover of ‘What’s Going On’ but with lyrics about Haiti.  Ugh!!!  WHY???

Next up was a band called The Humans, and I turned to C and said “Is that Toyah?” and yes, indeed it was the woman but it’s a mystery why the hell she was there (see what I did there?) – she was mental as she ever was, but in a really bizarre oh my god what the hell is this racket kind of way!  She looked good, and I loved the dress, but no.  Never ever accost my ears with that noise again.  Please God!

Next were Bombay Bicycle Club, fresh from winning Best New Band at the NME awards the previous night.  I saw them at Lovebox last year – in fact had specifically got there on time to see them as they’d played early.  They were pretty good, but it was still early, the place wasn’t very full and I don’t think their usual energy was there.  They were far better at Lovebox.

So, it wasn’t looking THAT great so far.  But next up were Futureheads who did an acoustic set – just the three of them on guitars.  they did three tracks, one that I didn’t know, but The Beginning of the Twist and Hounds of Love were brilliant – and way better than I was expecting from them.

Interspersing the acts, while all the techies were sorting the stage and equipment out were various comedians, etc keeping the audience upbeat.  At some stage, two very very nervous young lads came out and didn’t do great, but I swore blind that I recognised to them, and turned to C and said “They were in Misfits! He could turn back time, and he could make himself invisible!”  it meant nothing to C but I was pretty sure that was them.  In the middle of their stumbling banter, one of them said “I’m not quite sure what we should do now!” and someone from the crowd shouted “Use your super powers!!!” and they laughed and said they couldn’t use them in public, so I felt glad that I’d recognised them!  It was a surprisingly entertaining series – I wasn’t expecting it to be much cop, but ended up watching every episode!

So, the next act for me were the really pleasant surprise.  The little hidden gem support that I would never purposely have listened to, but now definitely will!  They were the Lovely Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.  I can’t explain what got me about them, apart from the lead singer (and brilliant classic guitarist) seemed to have so much passion and energy.  i loved his voice, and he really seemed to inject so much into the music.  Their stuff is a lot less dancey etc than i would normally be attracted to – a hell of a lot lighter, but it was really enjoyable, and they were really entertaining – and they had brass instruments too, which I love.

I am blabbing on longer than I thought I would, so I’m going to stop here, and come back to the rest of my rather lengthy review, but I had a quick look on YouTube for Cape, and there doesn’t seem to be THAT much of their stuff about, and I think they’r ebetter performers than shows on their vids, but I actually like this, because I think the video is really clever 🙂


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