too many thoughts

I seem to spend half my day thinking “I should really stick that down in my blog” and then never getting around to posting it, because I run out of time, and by the time I remember, it’s no longer fresh in my mind, or the moment has just passed.

I need to write the last part of my gig from Thursday night, I need to write up my review of Blacklands, and I want to write up about the trauma that we had with The Girl on Thursday and the evil bints in her class again.

I also want to write the conversation that I overheard this morning, which once again made me life at her sheer ingenious at arguing her point, but I have been really busy at work today and I’m hoping that the exact words said wont go out of my head before I get home tonight!

We should know in the next day or two whether she’s got into the school that we’re hoping for.  I’m keeping everything tightly crossed, as it’s going to be a bit difficult if she hasn’t!  I know my dad will start harking on about appealing, and getting a lawyer etc etc etc.

So, this entry has turned into more of a to-do list than anything else…and I had better start doing!!

(And I haven’t even told Gareth which ‘celeb’ I snogged yet!)  😀

3 thoughts on “too many thoughts

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  1. The same thing happens with me. Remember that conversation we had once about having a chip or whatever in our heads that recorded our thoughts?If only it were so *sigh*

    I’ve started jotting down notes on my iPod of thoughts that I have. It helps I guess

    1. It would be fab, wouldn’t it. I started writing things down, but I use 3 different PCs, and have scraps of paper all over the place. i put notes on my phone occasionally, but then immediately forget I’ve added them, LOL

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