Much more effective than an electric blanket!

Apparently Holiday Inn hotels in London and Manchester are going to be trialling a new initiative.

To take the bite off of the winter-like chill currently in the air they are making a bold move.  Will they be offering electric blankets to guests?  Oh no, probably far too likely to get stolen (these ARE Holiday Inn clientele after all!).  Will they be sticking the heating up to full blast for those that require it?  Oh no, far too costly.

No, the solution that they have come up with for cold-bed syndrome (as it’s technically known..ahem) is apparently human bed-warmers.  Oh it’s OK – they’ll be wearing full all-in-one bodysuits (see photo), which wouldn’t be at ALL creepy!

In all honestly, it’s actually a really cool idea, but bloody weird – I’m pretty sure it’s just a publicity stunt as I can’t imagine anyone actually ordering one.

Would you get a choice of gender?  In fact could you choose from a brochure?  Do you have to book them in hours in advance, which means you need to know what time you’ll be getting into bed, or do you just call down to reception and say “I’m ready!!”  How do they leave you?  Do they give you a kiss on the nose and say “Sweet dreams”?  Do they tuck you in?  Bring you an Ovaltine?  Do you talk to them while they’re lying in your bed?  Is it an opportunity for ladies-of-the-night to earn a few ‘extras’ – or will the suits have some kind of tamper-proof device so that management know you haven’t taken it off?  Perhaps red ink over your crotch from a device like those in clothing shops.

Who would choose this as a career path?

I’m sorry – this has done my head in since I read it – instead of just thinking “Oh, what a cute idea!” it’s given me just FAR too many questions that haven’t been answered.

That said though, I’d probably give it a go – it’s free after all!  😉