musical youth

Florence & The Machine @ Union Chapel was a fab concert!

…and no, I’m not talking about the group who once wanted you to pass the dutchie to the person on your left.  Although, the fact that song is the first thing that springs into my mind when the words ‘musical’ and ‘youth’ are out together probably gives some indication of my age!

I’m old…oh so old.  I don’t feel as old as I am though, and after a brilliant conversation with someone I’ve known for 3 years who said that they were more than old enough to be be mother, and then shockingly discovered that I am only actually 10 years younger than them, I like to think I don’t look it!

So, an ongoing row with me and The Man is the fact that he reckons that I am ‘trying to recapture my youth’ as I am very into finding new music, new bands etc.  I feel jittery if I don’t have at least one gig booked (and I only have one booked at the moment, so I’m, not altogether happy just now!).  I love music, and I love live music especially, and the fact is that there are a hell of a lot of talented young people out there, with a huge amount of enthusiasm and animation.  And cosier venues are brilliant (I love Scala and Koko) and let’s face it, they’re cheaper!

I don’t think embracing new bands (as well as still retaining love and respect for the old, I hasten to add) is me trying to recapture my youth – in fact, I think him playing nothing but The The, Fatima Mansions, The Damned and stuff like that is HIM trying to retain his youth and pretend that life hasn’t moved on.  I must admit though, in the last few years, I’ve managed to find some new bands on his wavelength, and he’s really liked them and we’ve seen them live – The XX and White Lies to name just a couple – but now I’m worried that he’s gone in a totally new direction.  He’s having a folksy, bluegrass stage.  He ADORES Mumford & Sons and Seasick Steve and went to see a local bluegrass band playing a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely raving about it.

So – am I just refusing to grow up?  I must admit, I didn’t go to gigs much when I was younger – I was into house music when it first came out – and raves weren’t really the same!  And then I bought a house when I was 18, married at 19 – so I was skint and married and not very happy at all, so I didn’t go to any gigs then either.

Or am I just accepting of my eclectic tastes, and happy to give anything a chance?

I believe I am part of the generation that refuses to admit that we’re adults – and I never feel old at gigs – there’s always a lot of people who look a lot older than me (or perhaps they’re just unfortunate and are really only 26!) – and I think that music really is a great leveler.

It can’t only be me who feels this way!


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  1. I don’t think it’s just our (or your) generation. I remember my Dad telling me when he was about 60 that the body might age but the mind still feels feels the same as it did when he was 17. Personally I think 17 is pushng it a bit, but you get the point.

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