london calling – james craig

London Calling

I got this book on Kindle as it had a pretty good rating on Amazon and was just £1.  I also needed a bit of light relief, and a non-heavy detective story set in London was just the easy trashy read I wanted!

I’m feeling a little torn about this book actually.  Overall it ticked all the boxes in the read that I was looking for – and it even ticked some better than I was hoping for, considering the genre.

BUT, I did have a slight problem with it – and this MAY well have just been me.

As per the genre, there is a serial killer on the loose – but this isn’t just about the fact that they’ve been killed, this covers the very very violent sexual rapey murders. Of men.

I’m not really much of a prude, but I did find the murder scenes rather crude and difficult to digest.  I know that murder is murder, and it’s disgusting anyway, and shouldn’t be easy to read, but there was something just a little too much about this.  Although to be fair, once you reach the end, and the really good twist, it makes it a lot more understandable.

The book is marketed as ‘Inspector Carlyle 1’ which suggests that there will be more featuring John Carlyle, the main character – and I have to say, I really really liked him.  There was a good amount of back-story so that I felt I could understand him, and I did actually buy into him and will no doubt be intrigued enough to buy the next one.

This one included some very polished Tory brothers on the edge of coming into power and seemed to make no excuse of the similarities to recent political events.

I had one other little niggle too – the author seemed to go into way too much background, explanations or detail abotu things that (personally) I felt didn’t really need it.  For example, he went into the process of checking emails on a Blackberry – and also seemed obsessed with the fact that a Blackberry is NOT a mobile phone. Which it is of course.  OK, it does other stuff, but essentially it’s a mobile phone like all other smart phones.  This was one example, theer were a couple of others, but they obviously didn’t wind me up enough to remmeber!

So, overall, I really enjoyed it for what it was, but I could have done without the crude, difficult to read rapey bits – which were there for a reason!


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