tim key – megadate, arcola theatre

img_20180124_193715.jpgI’ve seen Tim Key a couple of times before, but he’s always been supporting, so I was pretty excited about seeing him do a whole show – but had no idea what to expect.

Poems – irreverent, slightly surreal, exceedingly funny poems – I guess that was what I was expecting. And he didn’t disappoint.

But this was so much more than that. There was an actual story, there were silent micro-films peppering it, there were costume changes, a bit of audience participation and just general good humour and real heartfelt laughs.

The Arcola Theatre is a great venue for this kind of comedy as it’s intimate but you can hide a bit if you don’t want to be picked out.

I’ve been recommending the show to all my mates, only to find out that the run has completely sold out. But I believe he’s going to be touring the show – so keep an eye out for dates – it’s a must-see!

Check this out for some typical Tim Key poetry. Or maybe this one for something a bit ‘lighter’!

(PS – the photo of the poster is a rolling projection, that went round about 15 shows…and that’s actually Tim Key about to walk past it! I wasn’t even TRYING to get that shot!)

live at the chapel

Adam Buxton eating raffle tickets @ 6Fest (where we last saw him)

On Thursday night, I was looking to see if I could find out when Adam & Joe are due to start back on Saturday mornings at 6Music, and happened to come across the fact that Adam Buxton was headlining ‘Live at the chapel‘ at Union Chapel in Islington last night.  I was rather shocked to see that there were still tickets, so I ‘secured’ childmiding duties from The Man and booked a couple of tickets straight away for me and my mate.

It was brilliant!

Compered by the very able, bouncy, slightly risqué Dan Atkinson, first on was the birlliant Andi Osho.

Now, I’ve seen her on Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo or something like that, and always thought she was funny – but she was even better live…perhaps a little more close to the mark than she usually is on the telly, I guess.

Next up was Isy Suttie (Dobby of Peep Show fame), who was only actually on for about 10 minutes, and was sweet and chuckle-worthy, although not laugh out loud, tears running down the face funny.

Short break and then on to Tim Key (poet) – often seen on Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe, and on We Need Answers with Mark Watson (if anyone other than us ever watched it!).  He was VERY funny in a very surreal “What the fuck was that?” kind of way.  Especially amusing was the ad he had made for ‘Woodland Rain’ shampoo.

And then finally, on to the headling act, the wonderfully funny little man that IS Adam Buxton.  Now, he did a turn at 6Fest last year, so we had seen some of his material, but that did not in any way at all stop us from laughing until we could hardly breathe.  His take on the comments of the YouTube community are absolutely hysterical.

One thing that I have now seen him perform live twice, which is very amusing is his ‘family friendly’ version of NWA’s infamous “Fuck the police”.  If you haven’t seen him do it before, do watch the video – it’s very non-sweary 🙂

So, all in all, it was a brilliant night – even better that I’d just told my mate to met me at the station without telling him what we were doing, and as there were no posters or anything, it wasn’t until Isy Suttie said at the end of her set “And you still have Tim Key & Adam Buxton to look forward to!” that he had any idea who was on!

Of course, I have mentioned before that if you get teh chance to see anything at all at Union Chapel, you should go at least once as it’s such a unique venue!  Absolutely beautiful.

Now – in the words of NWA (not) ‘Help The Police!’

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