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Where have all the people gone?

I find that I don’t blog when I have the most things going around in my head – but then I wonder whether I have too much going around in my head because I’m not getting it out by blogging about it!

Some of the stuff in my head is SO boring and humdrum – and that’s probably why I chose the title for my blog…my life is essentially just about as ‘normal’ and unexciting as you can get.  But I have a strong urge to catalogue it.  I always have.  I have diaries at home going back to when I was 14, which I still read occasionally as I love that moment when I read a sentence and can literally feel the emotion that I had when I wrote it.  I have been a compulsive diarist/blogger since then.

The times in my life when I have felt most calm are the ones where I have written down my thoughts and feelings, and this was the reason for starting this particular blog – I had loads in my head and I couldn’t get it out and feel that I had dealt with it or confronted it.  once it’s out there in the open (even if there are no witnesses) I have admitted its existence, and then I have to do something about it, or get over it.

Anyway – this has become an entry about blogging, which wasn’t really my intention, but that I obviously needed to do!

I took the picture this morning on my way into work.  You would not believe that this was a Victoria Line train at 8.30am.  It almost felt like some kind of post-terror-threat journey.  There were just a few people in every carriage.  It was unnerving.  There were 2 women the other side of me, making 8 of us in the entire carriage.  Everyone kept looking at each other, a little unsure of themselves.  When we pulled up at the next station, I swear some people didn’t get on purely because they were convinced there must be something wrong with the train!

I also have an “And finally…” courtesy of my daughter this morning.

TG:  There are 26 sheep in a field and one dies. How many are left?

Me: 25

TG:  Nope. 19.

Me:  What? Don’t be silly.

TG:  YOU are the silly one.  *I* said ‘twenty sick sheep’.  Duh!

Me:  Go to school.

Just another blog

I haven’t blogged for years.  I used to be a blog-addict, and I could probably have gone back to my old blog, but I wanted to do this more anonymously.

There always seems to be so much going around in my head, and I really haven’t felt able to deal with it apart from the times that I have written it down – but it’s a case of finding a ‘safe’ environment to put it down, isn’t it.

I have two people that live with me – my boyfriend and my daughter, and I don’t particularly feel that writing it down properly…in real WRITING is necessarily ‘safe’ – either of them could find it!  Plus, of course, i haven’t written for any length of time for years, and I find that when I try, I get wrist-ache!  I hope that’s not just me and that it’s a result of being a typing generation.

I’m not quite sure what I want to get down for my first entry here…I just want to get something down so that I can start organising myself a little more.  I need to choose a theme etc yet!

I want 2010 to be a fantastic year for me and mine, and I’m pretty sure that getting all my inane (not INSANE) thoughts down will really help me think clearly and make that a reality 🙂

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