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Old ladies just keep going!

So, further to my post last night about my nan, she is surprisingly and miraculously a little better today.

Even more miraculous, her youngest sister went into hospital almost 2 weeks ago, very critically ill.  She got a little better but on Monday suddenly took a severe turn for the worse and was only being kept alive by machines.

We didn’t tell her about my nan, or my nan about her.  On tuesday, the doctor said that he could try these very expensivce drugs to see if they would kick-start her system, but could only put her on them for a maximum of 2 weeks.

She went home yesterday quite happy!  The women in my family are troopers!

Anyway, my nan has been continuing being her wonderful amusing self.

As she’s been hallucinating a lot, when the doctor did his round today he asked her if she knew who he was.

She rolled her eyes and answered, “Yeah – Elvis” and then burst into fits of laughter.

Love my nan. 🙂

“oooo, young man!”

“Oooo, young man”

I don’t want to say too much at the moment, as it will all make me cry, but my gorgeous 95 year-old nan is currently in hospital pretty critically ill.

The main characteristic of my nan is that even at her massive age, she totally has her wits about her.

When she went into hospital in the ambulance on Friday, the nurse said her, “So how do you feel?”, and my nan answered “With my hands!”

Anyway, the last 48 hours have been especially difficult for us as because of what’s wrong with her, the toxins in her system (not meds) have been making her hallucinate and feel confused.  it has made for some laughable moments (as you can imagine), but it is also very scary.

However, sometimes her moments of lucidity are just as amusing.  This evening, while she was slipping in and out of consciousness, she suddenly declared “Oh, if I was forty years younger!”

“What nan? What would you do if you were forty years younger?”

“That doctor”

“What doctor?”

“Peter.  He comes and looks at my feet. He’s a lovely young man. If I was forty years younger!”

And then she slipped off again with a little smile on her face.

Love my nan. There’s still life in the old dog yet.

as i was saying

I just remembered another story I had about ‘wrong texts’ as I blogged about yesterday, but this one is slightly different as it isn’t the fault of predictive text.

When I was about 18/19, my best mate used to work for the police (she wasn’t actually a cop), and her boyfriend at the time was a cop.  This is before the time that everyone had a mobile phone (yes, I really am that old!) and he had a pager.

For anyone under the age of mumblety-numb if you had a pager, people could contact you by text which you got as a scrolling one-line – a bit like those crap LED advertising things.  But you couldn’t just text it like you can now, you had to ring a premium rate number and tell the woman what you wanted to say and she would type it out for you and send it to the correct pager.

Simple aye?

Anyway, my mate suddenly got rushed to hospital with severe appendicitis one day and her brother thought he’d better let her boyfriend know, so that he could come to the hospital.  So he sent him a pager message “Gone to hospital.  Please ring Jo’s dad”

She had her appendix out in an emergency op and was coming round when her boyfriend managed to see her.  And he sat down on her bed, absolutely beside himself and asked her whether she knew how worried he’d been.  She was very touched obviously, and then he showed her his pager.

The message read “Gone to hospital.  Please ring Jo’s dead”

legs eleven


On Monday, The Girl was eleven years old.  Eleven!!  That makes me like, ooo, at least 27.  Ahem.

She’d been away with her grandparents for a couple of weeks, and when I spoke to her, I gave her a great long list of things that we could do for her birthday, and what did she choose?  A trip with me to Southend.

I know my daughter, and I think that she could have been swayed as it was the only option where I actually specified food (“…we can eat fish & chips by the seafront and overdose on doughnuts…”) – there would’ve been food involved in the other options, but it was non-specified food!

As she starts high school in a couple of weeks, I did also make the point that this is likely to be the last time for 10 years where she wont be too cool to hang out with me.  She didn’t agree, and said that she’d always want to hang out with me as I’m her favouritest person in the world.  I warned her that her feelings would soon change, LOL.

Happy Birthday Girl

So, off we went, armed with the contents of my ‘change jar’ to spend in the arcades.  after stopping to see my parents, we got there about 1pm.

They had threatened rain on all the weather forecasts for a week, and I was shocked when the day actually turned out to be lovely – sunny, warm but not too hot.  Perfect for a non-beach seaside day.

We had a great time, spent hours on the 2p machines, eating fish & chips, ice-creams, doughnuts, going on all the rides.  She made a couple of friends and proceeded to run around Adventure Island with them going on all of the roller-coasters about 3 times in a row.

We got home at just gone 9pm, thoroughly happy and exhausted.


On Tuesday, I had to take her to the hospital to have her arm checked out.  I can’t fault Whipps Cross, never have been able to.  her appointment was 9.30am – we got there at 9.20, got the card to go over to x-ray, went across, get her x-rayed, came back, saw the consultant, got discharged and were out by 9.40!!

The consultant was actually really surprised, as it’s only 2 months since she broke her wrist and the bone has completely healed.  It’s still slightly bent, but that might correct itself in the next couple of years, it may never correct, but it doesn’t hinder her movements at all, and isn’t really noticeable.

We think that it might have healed quicker because of her boxing – that the bones may have strengthened.  She can’t do contact in boxing with that arm or any push-ups still for a month, just to give it a fighting chance, but then she’ll be fully fit and back on it.

So pleased 🙂

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