a town called panic – france/belgium (2009)


Oh my GOD!  Why didn’t I know of the existence of this film?  And even more, why didn’t I know there was a series before there was a film?  I NEED THE SERIES!!!!

*Deep breath*

OK – so, think of the Cravendale adverts with the little plastic figures – this is like a WHOLE FILM of them.  It is SO much better than Toy Story!!

My mate lent it to me for The Girl, and we both just watched it, and were giggling hysterically all the way through.

It’s Horse’s birthday, but Indian and Cowboy (who live with him) have forgotten to buy him a present.  In their panic to get him the perfect present, they go through a number of surreal but hilarious mishaps including destroying Horse’s house, which end in them going on an adventure, encountering a mahoosive giant penguin, underwater monsters and journeying to the centre of the earth.

WATCH THIS FILM!!! (And I’m talking to YOU Lee!!!)

My rating – 10/10

And I will leave you with the trailer (yes, it IS worth having to watch the short ad before it!)

il est plus facile pour un chameau – france (2003)

Il est plus facile pour un chameau

I was actually rather disappointed by this film, as it sounded like the kind of thing the French typically do fantastically – all about family, love, relationships and finding yourself.

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Carla’s older sister apparently) stars (and I’ve just found out also directed) the story of Federica.  The daughter of a an extremely wealthy Italian businessman, who is on his deathbed in Paris  the city her family have called home since she was a young girl.

With her beloved daddy dying, Federica seems to find that she’s at a point in her life where she should be making decisions and working out what she wants to do.

She is torn between her boyfriend and her ex-lover, she is constantly fighting with her sister, nobody seems to be interested in the play that she has written, and she doesn’t want to end up like her selfish brother.

It’s got everything that should’ve made it a little French delight – but somewhere along the line, it falls short of the mark.  Bruni’s performance was great, but I didn’t really buy into the characters around her, or the situations Federica ended up in – they seemed to jar with her personality.

Oh, and the title translates as “It’s Easier For A Camel…”

My rating – 6.5/10

3 Iron – South Korea (2004)


3 Iron


This is a very unusual film – simple, and beautiful in its simplicity.

It is an easy film to start with for those who have a problem with subtitles, as there is barely any dialogue at all – in fact, from memory, I don’t think that the two main characters who the love-story is based around exchange any words within the film at all!

The story centres on young man who is homeless, but spends his time breaking into the homes of people who are away.  he doesn’t steal anything (apart from perhaps some food and electricity) but spends the time while he’s there doing their washing, cleaning, or fixing things that are broken.

During his travels, he comes across the home of a wealthy businessman who is mistreating his beautiful wife.

He decides to rescue her from her loveless existence, and the film follows what becomes of them.  There are also some undercurrents of ghosts or spirits – people with you that can’t be seen.

It is perfectly shot, beautifully acted and the music used is achingly haunting.  The whole film plays out like a dance and leaves me with tears drying on my cheek every time I watch it (and even The Man thinks it brilliant!)

My rating – 9.5/10

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