flash fiction

Tiger and Moon

At my intro to creative writing course last night, we tackled flash fiction.  It was quite good timing really considering I’ve only recently finished all The Bananas I’ve Never Eaten.

During the class, we had to write our own flash fiction.  We were given a great little exercise to help us start, which I loved!

First we had to pick an animal, and write five characteristics of that animal.  then we were given the choice of place  a jungle, prison, the moon or a palace.  we had to pick one and again, write five characteristics of that place.  Then we had to choose an emotion.

Mine were – TIGER:  regal, feline, sly, fierce, hunter.  As I had chosen a tiger I thought jungle would be a bit boring, and as one of my words was regal, I thought a palace was a bit obvious, so I went for MOON:  dark, lonely, cold, desolate, rocky.  My emotion was lust.

The main character had to be human but embody the characteristics we had written down, the setting had to be somewhere that was NOT the place we had chosen, but again, embodied the characteristics and the story had to end on the emotion we had chosen, whereas it couldn’t have started with it!

Then, we were scarily given TEN MINUTES to write an entire story. Ten minutes!!!

I know I went for a real cliché, but looking at my words, there was only one thing that jumped out at me.  The following is my entire story word for word as I wrote it in class. No editing at all! For a 10 minute effort I was quite proud, so thought I would share 🙂

The Predator

The night was dark and crisp – the stars glittered in the sky like diamonds pulled from an expensive choker.

He padded down the steps of the turret, each step as silent as the last.

He saw her making her way across the rocky path – slow but determined.  His lips curled into a snarl as he watched her. Why was she here? How DARE she invade his property.

An owl hooted and he saw her jump, her long blonde hair jerking suddenly.  Good. Be afraid my dear, he thought.

He stalked around the corner, keeping to the shadows.

She came even closer. She was now almost at the main gate.  He could see how wide her blue eyes were, reflecting the heavy, silver moon.

A sudden noise reached them from further down the hill and she looked towards it.

Always one for an entrance, Jared stepped into a shaft of moonlight while her head was turned.  When she looked back, she gasped in surprise.

Oh pretty little child, he thought, you may well gasp. You have no idea what you are dealing with.

As if reading his thoughts she looked into his eyes and he noticed a sudden confidence possess her.

“I know what you are”, she whispered, almost in awe. “I want to live forever.”  And she closed her eyes and leant her head back, baring her sweet, white neck to him.

Jared’s blood boiled and he closed the distance between them in a split second.

As his teeth pressed into her flesh he suddenly wondered when he had become the prey.

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