How my world feels just now

I currently feel like I have been drinking for the past 12 hours or so.

I haven’t by the way – just in case any of you were wondering…I really am NOT that kind of girl.  Honest, guv.

But anyway, my ‘symptoms’ at the moment include that slight dizzy feeling, without actually reeling; the fact that I am aware that I keep opening my eyes really wide to keep awake and be able to focus on anything; a minor ringing in my ears that isn’t alt0gether unbearable, but just feels like a small fairy is wandering around my head.  All in all, I just feel like I’m not quite ‘there’ – as if i have slowed down, and time is a bit gloopy – a bit like in Donnie Darko!

I think the reason for this is because last night, I slept.  For those that know me, here, on Twitter, or have met me before, you will know that I have been suffering from insomnia for almost 3 months.  The last few days had been particularly bad.  On Friday night I went to bed but was up at 4.30am after laying in bed awake for over an hour trying my hardest to fall asleep.

I went out all day/night on Saturday (exhausted as usual) and ended up getting home about 4.30am (after the wonderful 6fest, but that will need to be another story!), but was up again at 8am.  I got a couple of hours sleep on sunday night, but last night i fell asleep about 11.30pm and managed to sleep through my alarm this morning, didn’t notice The Man get up, wasn’t really aware of anything until The Girl gave me a cuddle and The Man warned me it was 8am!

I think so much sleep after none for so long has just shocked my body and made me scream out for more.  I wonder if I’ll be able to repeat it again tonight!

bang to rights?

Drunk and disorderly perhaps?

For the past 3 weeks, I have walked past this little Christmas tree on my way into work every day.

It makes me feel a bit sad, to be honest.

It looks like it has been locked up for drinking a couple of cans of lager (bottom left of the photo), and has drunkenly slumped against the wall, no longer able to stand up straight.

It’s slowly fading too, its vibrant green has dulled dramatically – although it’s obviously a non-drop as there are barely any needles on the floor.  Which is more than you can say for a lot of doorways in Camden!

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