five by five (part 4)

And another 25 makes 100!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my five by five lists, that seem to go down well, because people really do like a good list, don’t they?

You can see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 that I have made previously, some of which will have changed by now, and some which wont!

I do enjoy writing these – the hard part is not writing explanations or expansions on my choices!)  obviously I would love to hear anyone else’s!

Five foreign TV series that everyone should watch

  1. Spiral
  2. Gran Hotel
  3. The Killing
  4. Borgen
  5. The Bridge

Five personal rules

  1. Never regret a thing
  2. Know when a relationship has run its course (including friendships)
  3. Always have more Twitter followers than following
  4. Remember that ‘No’ is always an option
  5. Don’t believe ANYTHING posted on Facebook until you’ve checked it out

Five books I’m looking forward to reading

  1. Born Weird – Andrew Kaufman
  2. The Uninvited – Liz Jensen
  3. Gunshot Glitter – Yasmin Selena Butt
  4. Haunted – Maria Savva
  5. How To Create the Perfect Wife – Wendy Moore

Five things I’ve got in my diary

  1. Underground
  2. Austentatious
  3. No-one to Bestow
  4. Storyteller’s Club
  5. Not So Silent Movies

Five webpages in today’s browser history

  1. Third Sector
  2. DueDil
  3. Goodreads
  4. Cats that look like pin-up girls
  5. Paragraph Planet

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