foreign language films

Battle Royale: One of the earliest subtitled films I watched

I love watching ‘World Cinema’ films (as Blockbuster seem to label them as) but hate the term.

As I mentioned in this post, I have watched a pretty high number of subtitled films, and would really enjoy reviewing the ones that I have seen.

There are rather a high percentage of French films, and this isn’t just because I tend to like them, but because I have got a subscription to Cinémoi.


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  1. I share your liking for French films and like you only watch subtitled versions: I cant bear dubbing of any description. I share five of the above with you and although it’s a hard call I think Mesrine was my favourite. Two achieve that in one film would have been excellent but to do it in both was amazing. One movie that’s not on there is Le Bonheur, that I make such a fuss of in Overkill. If ever you get the chance it’s well worth a go. Happy New year!

    1. I can’t even spot the spelling mistake – but thank you – I’ll look out for the film 🙂

      BTW – I HAVE read Overkill, some time ago, but you may have realised that with circumstances with my nan etc, I had a long time of not really posting much and slipped up on my reviews. I decided with the New Year to make a massive effort starting afresh, but haven’t scooped up the remains of last year’s yet!

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