one of our dinosaurs is missing

"Yes, hello - Scotland Yard...?"

Been watching this with The Girl this morning.  We watched it at the Barbican a couple of years ago as part of the Family Film Club on a Saturday morning (great scheme if you have young kids).

Of course, the film was made in 1975, so is almost as old as *I* am (and that is very old indeed!) – and I loved this as a kid.  The Girl loves it too.

I think something that I find particularly endearing (even though perhaps I shouldn’t) is the blatant stereotyping and casual racism of the film.  Peter Ustinov playing a chinaman?  Really?  REALLY Disney?  What on earth were they thinking of?  But it IS a fantastically jolly film that brings back memories of a time when everythign was so much simpler.  We didn’t have to worry about ‘being PC’, we didn’t have to worry about who we would sue if our child fell out of a tree cos they were pissing about.

Paedophiles and porn were words that we had never heard of – but there were flashers or (in the words of my nan) ‘that funny bloke’  hanging around any dodgy alley and there were copies of Playboy stashed under loads of hedges or abandoned sheds/garages.

It’s a shame – I don’t think there is any more crime or danger around, but we are warned about so much, we have to be so aware of everything we do that kids these days can’t just relax and get on with it, and if parents aren’t constantly worried what their kids are getting up to (or who is getting up to it with them) then you’re looked on as a BAD parent.

I’d love to bring back the days when a film like One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing could be made without worrying that it would bring about an international disaster.  And if that makes me a bad person, then I fully accept it.

PS – I do not officially have a drop of English blood running through my veins, although I view myself as English all the way through!


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