about me

I am never really sure what to write when people ask about me.  In a nutshell, I’m a Londoner who has just turned 40 (eek!!).  I’m a mother, lover, blogger and have two litle kitties.

I don’t think life is there to be taken too seriously, I think it’s just a warm-up for the real game.

Random things about me

  1. I don’t have a drop of English blood in my veins, and yet I see myself as English through and through.
  2. I was married at 19.  I was married again at 27.  I didn’t get married at 35, so I have stopped a pattern forming.
  3. I have a chorizo addiction.
  4. My grandad lived until he was 92.  My nan was 95.  My gran is 96.  I am scared I am destined to live this long.
  5. My feet are really big.
  6. I have two kittens that are occasionally cute but can’t live up to the memory of my fab cat who was ace and caught rats right up til the day before she died at 22!
  7. When I really need to think, I sit next to water.  More a lake or sea than a bath or sink though.
  8. I was in my last job for 17 years and was worried that I would never leave.
  9. I spent a few months as a chat line operator (I’ve got the voice for it).
  10. I’m scared of new people.  I’ll meet them, but I’ll be weird the first couple of times 😉
  11. My daughter is the best entertainment I’ve ever had.
  12. Where I live is the only place I have ever felt is ‘home’.
  13. I have been in love twice.  (Neither have ever been my husband).
  14. I find people fascinating, and often conduct drunken amateur psychology sessions at parties.
  15. You will always find packets of Super Noodles in my cupboard.
  16. I left school at 16.  I don’t regret this.
  17. I’m impatient and have a short attention span.  This is why I left school at 16.
  18. I always wanted 2 or 4 children – but unfortunately couldn’t have any more after The Girl.  So she’s special 😉
  19. I once got a big smacker from Jimmy Hill.
  20. My two favourite friends ever both live in Australia now.  I’ve never quite felt that I have ‘belonged’ since they left.

20 thoughts on “about me

Add yours

  1. I spotted your comment somewhere (I fiddle through WordPress too much to remember exacts), and the Underground image instantly convinced me to come here. I was in London (well England/Wales in general) for a few weeks this spring, so my interest naturally strikes upon anything related to that fine country. I like your list of 20 above…and I love when people make lists about themselves. I find it easier to read those than giant paragraphs, though I’m guilty of doing that myself. I’m going to stop now before I turn this into one of those annoying giant paragraphs…but I wanted to say hello from America (North Dakota to be exact) and have a nice day in England. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting – I am a list lover myself, but never write enough of them 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed your time in the UK – it really is a lovely place (well, I love it passionately anyway).

      I’ll make sure I check out your blog xx

  2. Hi! I’m Patty and new to your blog. I found your blog by searching for “red shoes” which I love. I loved your red-shoe story as well. I’m curious, what type of blood is flowing through your veins if it’s not English? I feel double delighted to find your blog (the red shoes being my first delight) as my husband of almost 20 years is English. He is from Staines (near Heathrow) and has 100% English blood flowing through his veins :o) I am 100% American, but have more English ancestors than any other, so my kids are more English than anything else, but are also 100% American as that’s were they were born and where we live now. We’ve lived in Boise, ID for 4 years, but my kids and I were born in Los Angeles and it’s also where I was raised. I’m looking forward to reading your blog, glad to hear that you escaped any harm in the riots. Cheers! Patty

    1. HI Patty – lovely to hear from you…and to hear so much about you too, fantastic!

      The blood running through my veins is actually half Tunisian, quarter German, eighth Scottish, eighth Spanish – I am indeed quite a mongrel! My dad (well, sepdad in reality) is from Staines too, so my family has something in common with yours.

      I will be adding more tomorrow about my part in the after-riot after-care of the police…was meant to be helping out tonight, but not feeling up to it after this morning.

      Hope you enjooy my blog x

  3. Hey. I came to visit cause your blog is was mentioned on Walthamstow Scene. Reading your list, I can pretty much identify with NRs 7 and 10! :o) I really like how engaged you seem with everything you write about!

  4. Hello Londoner in her late 30s. I rather enjoy the odd bowl of Super Noodles myself, I have to say.

    I published a book recently and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it. It is a collection of short stories called Shades of Grey and I can provide you with a code that will enable you to download a copy for free.

    I hope your cat is keeping you company.

  5. Are you Lana Banana who plays the guitar for kid parties? looking for that one…..Ilana or Lana banana? cant find her….

  6. Hey Eastend Lass. I have just found your blog. After reading through so many blogs by fashionistas, designers, etc I was beginning to feel like a fish out of water. Am so glad to find someone normal! No offense to the fashionistas, etc. I from North west London but live up north now. And I refer to my son as The Boy! I’m yet to publish a blog about him yet. I’m really enjoying your blog. Looking forward to more posts. Maxi

  7. As an Aussie I must say that your friends made a great choice to live here, presumably for more than just the weather! If it’s any consolation, my best friend of 20+ years now lives in London and life hadn’t been the same after she moved either 🙂

  8. Hi! I nominated you for the “ABC Awesome Blog Content” award, you can find all the details about it on my blog. I wish you a happy new year & happy writings!

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