paragraph planet – part 3

Spurred on by restarting my creative writing class last week, I decided to have another go at submitting an ‘exactly 75 word story’ to the brilliant Paragraph Planet again (see my other published efforts here). I am absolutely ecstatic that it has been published today – probably happier than I should be 😉 You can… Continue Reading →

paragraph planet – part 2

As per my previous blog post on Paragraph Planet back in January, I am very excited as I made another ’75 word story’ submission on Tuesday – and it has been published today! Huzzah! You can see it today on their front page, but here it is anyway 🙂

paragraph planet

As you probably know, in September I started going to a Creative Writing course at City Lit, which I enjoyed so much that I have signed up for a second term that started last week. The tutor from last term happened to mention a flash fiction website called Paragraph Planet.  It is unpaid, features one… Continue Reading →

five by five (part 4)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my five by five lists, that seem to go down well, because people really do like a good list, don’t they? You can see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 that I have made previously, some of which will have changed by now, and some… Continue Reading →

moon over soho – ben aaronovitch

It had been a while since reading Rivers of London, and The Man had been banging on that he wanted to read the next one, so I decided to squeeze it in too! We are again following DC Peter Grant, the apprentice wizard copper who has recently found himself submerged into the murky depths of… Continue Reading →

necropolis rising – dave jeffery

I read this after a recommendation from a friend – plus it was only 86p on Kindle (I think the price may be even lower now!).  The same friend had recommended Hollowland, which I had really enjoyed.  I do have a soft spot for a good zombie-esque book that’s a bit crap but doesn’t take… Continue Reading →

what makes a dad?

As I mentioned yesterday and last year, unfortunately Fortitude is no more, and so my front-page winning article on my dad has disappeared.  I have managed to find it on my work PC though – and so this is what I wrote on 18th June 2010. On Sunday (20th June), it is Father’s Day in… Continue Reading →

in a summer season – elizabeth taylor

I shall start by answering the question that everyone who has seen me reading the book has asked.  No, it is not ‘THE’ Elizabeth Taylor.  It was written by Elizabeth Taylor the novelist (obviously) who was lived 1912-1975 and wrote a number of books and short stories. In A Summer Season was first published in… Continue Reading →

cabal – michael dibdin

Like many people, after watching the first episode of Zen on BBC1 last week, I though I might try one of the books.  I think Amazon were counting on this and had this one, which is the third in the Aurelio Zen series at just £1 on Kindle. (Is it just me, or is Rufus… Continue Reading →

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