the temp – emily benet

The Temp

I was lucky enough to spend a rather interesting day with Emily Benet in November 2013 when we were both part of the E17 Storywalk.

The Temp tells the story of twenty-something Amber, who has been undertaking a series of temping jobs while she decides what she wants to be when she grows up. Having lurched from one drunken gallery private view to another with her best friend Farrell, she decides “I could do this” and so becomes ‘an artist’.

The book takes us on her whirlwind experience of becoming an artist, starting with a little white lie, via a dashingly handsome sponsor, complete with a set of supportive friends and ending up…well, you’ll have to read it to find that out.

I have to say, I really liked Amber and her friends, and there were some fantastic original artistic ideas in the book. It made me quite sad that it wasn’t a true story! However, the story was not at ALL what I was expecting from the title. I thought that we were going to be treated to little vignettes of life as a transient being – a slice of life in all the odd jobs that temps have to endure.

Apparently the original title was Spray Painted Bananas. Emily wrote the book on the online platform Wattpad where it reached over a million hits! I can see that the title maybe gives away some of the plot, but I think I prefer it, personally.

I really enjoyed the quick snippet of Amber’s life and experience that we’re treated to, but for once, I wish a book had been longer. I wanted more! Perhaps there’s another Amber story for us to be treated to? Tie Dyed Cauliflowers? Emulsion Rolled Kumquats? I shall be waiting Emily! 😉

The Temp is only 99p on Kindle at the moment. Go on girls, treat yourselves. OR you can check out the trailer and maybe win a copy?


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