beyond belief – helen smith

Beyond Belief

Celebrated magician Edmund Zenon is causing a stir at the annual ‘Belief and Beyond’ conference in Torquay, where the great and the good (and not so good) of the country’s psychic community come together. having spent his life denouncing the existence of ‘messages from beyond the grave’, he has decided to back up his beliefs with hard cash – offering a £50,000 reward to any who can prove to him that they can communicate with the dead.

However, famed psychic Perspicacious Peg predicts that a murder will occur at the conference, so together with the organiser hires the services of self-styled sleuth Emily Castles to try to change the course of fate.

With philosophy professor Dr Muriel once again at her side, Emily travels to the sleepy English Riviera expecting the whole weekend to be a farcical joke – but could Peg be right?

I make no secret of the fact that I love Helen Smith’s writing.  This is the second full-length outing for Emily Castles, and like Invitation to Die, it is quintessentially English.  You can almost taste the cream tea while you’re reading it!

I love the traditional gathering together of the suspects again – and conferences allow this to happen in a contemporary setting, making Emily Castles a young Miss Marple in training for the tenties (I have no idea what we’re calling this decade!).

An easy, quite short read with some wonderful larger than life characters. Emily herself as a character is a little neutral and understated – again, I think much like Miss Marple – allowing the rest of the cast to have their time  to shine – some of them for less time than others!

I’m definitely looking forward to Emily’s next outing. We’ve had a Romance Writer’s convention, a psychic conference – I wonder what will be next. A Morris Dancing competition? A Women’s Institiute gathering? A country fayre? Sheepdog trials? I can’t wait!

Beyond Belief will be published on 28th January.


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