chip off the ice block murder – jessie chandler

Chip Off The Ice Block Murder

I received this book as an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Shay O’Hanlon is looking forward to a rare break away with her girfriend, Minneapolis cop JT, but after a panicked phone call, she instead finds herself at The Leprechaun, her father’s bar.

The call having been made because her father has disappeared, Shay has to step up to the challenge and get behind the bar on what’s probably its busiest night.

Once the rush is over, Shay comes to understand that her father isn’t necessarily just on one of his epic, drunken binges, but that there may be a more sinister reason for his absence.  A gun registered to him has been found encased in a block of ice. Along with the body of a man that it has shot.

When Shay finds out that her father has been getting pressured to sell his beloved bar, she wonders if she can discover what has been going on, hopefully proving his innocence – and finally tracking him down!  But is she going to be happy with what she uncovers?

First of all, I have to say that I did not realise that this was the fourth ‘Shay O’Hanlon’ book in a series, so I didn’t know at first that there had obviously been some development of the characters previously.

I’m not sure if that was the main thing that put me off of it – although the story theoretically SHOULD have stood alone as there were no strands from a previous book, but I didn’t feel at all connected with any of the characters, especially Shay herself.

There seemed to be too many characters, who didn’t seem to have a specific reason for being part of the plot, and didn’t feel very well described – but as I said, this could be because they had been fully developed over the previous books.

The ‘twist’ at the end had been obvious from the beginning, and it was extremely grating that Shay herself, as some kind of self-taught detective wouldn’t have put two and two together earlier. It made me extremely annoyed with her and dismissive of her story and thoughts – not good for the main character.

There also seemed to be a lot of nothing going on. A lot of filler and repetition, making the pace a little tired.

That said, it wasn’t AWFUL – it was an OK romp of a book that may have been a lot more enjoyable if I’d been committed to the characters by reading the three books that had come before.  It wouldn’t put me off reading another book by Jessie Chandler, but not one in this series as I am not moved to go back and read the previous books.

Chip Off The Ice Block Murder will be published on 8th May 2014.


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