the day she died – catriona mcpherson

The Day She Died

I received this as an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Jessie Constable has seen Gus King around, and found him rather intriguing, but finally meets him properly on the day that his wife commits suicide – driving her car into the river and leaving Gus alone with their two small children.

As she is with Gus when the police come to tell him the news, she suddenly becomes his rock as there is noone else that can look after the children while he is busy doing all the ‘newly dead wife’ things that he needs to do.

It soon becomes apparent that the marriage was not a happy one, and Jessie allows herself to suddenly be a larger part of the little family than she was anticipating – her own need for love and acceptance masking  the niggling feelings she has that all is not what it may seem.

I have never read any of Catriona McPherson’s books before – she apparently has a whole series featuring a bored society wife turned detective in the 1920s called Dandy Gilver.  They sound a far cry from this very grey, grim story.

I did really enjoy the book – the relationship between Jessie and the kids especially. Jessie herself was very interesting, and I loved the descriptions of the Scottish coast – a perfect setting for this rather dark, ominous tale.

However, it did grate on me a little as to how quickly Jessie allowed herself to be sucked into Gus’s life – although she is obviously rather needy, it felt unlikely that she would put herself in such a situation at that speed. Although it wasn’t so grating as to put me off from reading it!

There’s a great cast of secondary characters that add depth and colour to the story – and although I had guessed part of the ‘twist’, there was a whole other part to it that I hadn’t even considered!

And when it was all over, and I’d turned the last page (or clicked the button for the last time) I wanted to find out what happens next to Jessie. I was hoping that this might be part of a new series – but it appears that it is a set of three standalone/unrelated books linked only as ‘She’. I guess I should read the first one too, As She Left It.

Great cover too!

There was one thing that annoyed me about my Kindle though – it did not recognise the word ‘pteronophobia‘ in the dictionary. I had to manually look it up – how 90s is that!? It’s a fear of feathers by the way, in case you needed to know – which you do when you’re reading this book.

The Day She Died by Catriona McPherson will be published on 8th May 2014.


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