the troop – nick cutter

The Troop – Nick Cutter

I received this book as an Advance Review Copy in return for an honest review.

A group of Boy Scouts are with their Troop Leader for a fun survival weekend on the tiny uninhabited Falstaff Island, just off of Prince Edward Island on the East Canadian coast.

However, survival soon becomes more pertinent, when a haggard stranger appears out of nowhere looking extremely sick – in fact close to death.  The ‘close to’ becomes redundant before the night is out, and the boys realise that dealing with his death is the least of the problems, as it is apparent that the cause of his illness is holy unnatural, and a hidden threat to them all.

Will any of the troop manage to escape the island alive?

Billed as ‘Lord Of The Flies’ meets ‘The Ruins’, this sounded a good, old-fashioned horror / thriller.

Cutter managed to give each of the boys enough character to care what happened to them, and be rooting for most of them to survive, but without going into too much boring, irrelevant back-story.

The actual ‘horror’ itself reminded me very much of Infected by Scott Sigler. This is a favourite of mine and my hubby’s. A little bit silly, but toe-curlingly gross-out it in places.  There’s nothing worse or more gruesome than a scary monster that you can’t fight as it’s already inside you.

The Troop was a mixture of the ‘live action’, and post-action official reports and articles, giving it a newsy, realistic feel.

Good, dark fun. Easy to read and gave me decent spine-shivers.

The Troop by Nick Cutter will be published on 7th January 2014.


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