the many lives of samuel beauchamp – michael siemsen

The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp – Michael Siemsen

I received this book as a Review Copy for an honest review.

“Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn’t stopped him from living…”

When Samuel Beauchamp dies as a young boy, he’s horrified to find that he’s not dead – that he appears to be existing outside of his dead body.  As he comes to terms with what he’s become, he realises that he can occupy other people’s bodies and continue with his life.

The main bulk of the story follows Samuel as he has taken the body of a ‘bad sort’, cleaned him up and is just living day to day in 1950s New York, trying to fit in, even trying to have normal relationships with people. However, he is always on the look out for others like himself – a demon as he has read.

Will he find any kindred? Will he like it if he does?

I had no idea where this story was going to take me – and it often surprised me. And, as long as it’s well written, I see that as a good thing. There’s nothing worse than an ‘obvious’ story (unless you’re purposely reading some chick-lit for that very reason!)

Samuel was a very believable character – and very likeable. Especially for a demon! I haven’t enjoyed a demon since the wonderful Bartimaeus, of the trilogy by Jonathan Stroud.

On the other hand, the character of Elaine seems far less believable – and there are some rather risque parts that she’s involved in (just a little warning there!) – but it all comes good in the end when we find out WHY she is the way she is, and thus becomes believable herself!

I’ve never read anything by Michael Siemsen before, but I definitely will do again! Especially the book to which this is apparently a prequel – A Warm Place to Call Home.


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