until you’re mine – samantha hayes

Until You’re Mine

I received this as an Advance Review Copy from the publishers via NetGalley for an honest review  (although it did actually come out in June!)

Told in their own voices, Until You’re Mine tells the intertwining stories of Claudia, Zoe and Lorraine.

Claudia seems to have everything – beautiful, rich, very happily married with twin four year old stepsons and now happily eight months pregnant with a baby girl to complete her family.  With her Navy husband away for long periods of time, Claudia is taking on a nanny to ease her home-life, and enable her to carry on working.

Zoe seems the perfect nanny – more mature, and therefore less flighty, great with the boys and very protective (perhaps too much so) of Claudia and her unborn daughter.

Elsewhere, Lorraine and her husband are trying to repair the wounds in their marriage, whilst still working together – this time on a case where a heavily pregnant woman has been killed in her own home.

As Zoe spends more time in her home, Claudia begins to suspect that she isn’t quite all that she seems – does she really have any cause for concern?

An easy to read psychological thriller, the story plays full into the run of emotions and fears that women have as expectant mothers.

The main characters were all strong in their own ways, and their voices were separate and recogniseable.  Just as a kept thinking “Oh, I know what’s going on here”, a spanner would be thrown into the works, and I would be left wondering whether I really did.

It was a proper page-turner / button-clicker, and kept you on your toes right til the end.

Well thought out, well executed, tense and very enjoyable. Big thumbs up from me!


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