things that happen as you get old

How I am obviously going to look in a couple of years.

I just pulled eight tiny hairs from my chin.

It was as if a lazy spider had been trying to inch its way out.

I feel quite traumatised.


2 thoughts on “things that happen as you get old

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  1. Since I am probably 30 years further on in the process than you are, “plucking” is an almost daily process, so here is a bit of advice. If you don’t have REALLY good light you can miss the dark ones. My solution is to carry a tweezers and small magnifying mirror in my car – you get really good light, you don’t waste the time at traffic lights, and you give the person in the car next to you a really good laugh.

    1. I am pretty sure that you have nowhere near 30 years on me…but thanks for the flattering remark 😉

      It’s horrible. I’m definitely old now. I can’t disguise it! Luckily I hardly ever go in the car, so wont have that issue 😉

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