now you see it – jane tesh

Now You See It

As we were going away for a week, I decided to grab a few Advanced Review Copy books to relax with.  Something light, which in my case usually means a couple of detective-type novels.  I am not too embarassed to admit that I was attracted to this one purely because the detective has the same name as my first husband.  Did I really need a better reason?

I obviously didn’t take much notice as I didn’t realise that this was the third in a series.

Private detective David Randall has managed to land two cases. One to locate a valuable diamond bracelet for an ageing socialite, and the other to find a special magical box that may or may not have belonged to Houdini.

He has hardly begin looking for the box when one of its two owners turns up dead.  Has this got anything to do with the missing box, or is it just a coincidence.

With every lead, he is embroiled further into the strange world of magic tricks, illusions and the people that perform them.

Throw his psychic friend and housemate Camden into the mix and there is mystery and oddity in abundance.  And somehow, in all this, he is trying to get over the death of his daughter and to convince feisty Kary to marry him.

I soon realised that this was part of a series – all those little references to what had obviously happened before without giving enough detail…hinting at there being other stories in existence that I had missed.  It stood absolutely fine on its own, but  in hindsight, I would have preferred to have read the other two books first – mainly because I really liked the characters and wished that I had known what had come before without having to go BACK and read them, knowing what was to come later!

Gentle, hapless psychic Camden was my favourite character by far and I wish I could have read more on him.   Randall was likeable and believable, but without having the emotional buy-in to the loss of his daughter which was obviously more detailed in a previous book, I found his occasional fawning over the discovery of her dance recital DVD just annoying as a distraction from the other storylines.

I’ll definitely read more in the series – but not necessarily go backwards…if you’re going to read them, start from the begining now!

Now You See It by Jane Tesh will be published on 8th October 2013.


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