strangeness and charm – mike shevdon

Strangeness & Charm

It has been ages since I read Sixty One Nails and The Road To Bedlam, which are the first two books in this..erm..quadology?  It was only because I noticed that the last one was due out that I realised that the third had been released!

Niall has managed to rescue his daughter Alex from Porton Down, also setting free other half-fey.

Alex has returned to the courts to live with him and Blackbird and their new baby son.  She is put into training to learn how to control her newly found power, but, being your average 14/15 year old (normal, fey, powerless or powerful) she is moody, sullen, prone to bursts of rage and gives off a general air of ‘nobody understands me’.

When it all gets too much for her, and she realises that she can’t go back to her ‘normal’ life with her mum, she decides to run away – and manages to evade even Niall’s powers of detection.

The majority of this book concentrates on the relationships between the main characters, and especially focuses on Alex herself.  Being the mother of a sullen, moody teenage girl I can understand some reviews that say she seems rather self-centred and sorry for herself.  I can assure you, this is normal teenage girl behaviour.

The thought of my daughter having these mood-swings and the power to kill anyone in sight makes me shudder – as I’m sure she would.  She’d be extremely sorry the moment she did it – but by then it would be too late!

This did take some time to grow on me – but I think that a lot of that was due to the time gap between reading the first two books and this one.  Once I got back into the story, I was absolutely hooked – and the ending was completely epic.

I have since read the next one (The Eighth Court) – which I will review soon 😉


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