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One Click Digital

I have so many posts that I need to catch up on – I have seen a lot at various theatres etc, I have read a lot of books, but I have been SO tired that I haven’t been up to blogging for a while.  I am determined to get over that.

Another side-effect of being so tired is that actual READING has been a little tiring.  However, I have managed to get around this with a wonderful discovery that I made.

Because I have a library card with Waltham Forest, I am able to ‘take out’ free audiobooks!  And I felt moved to share this with you 😉

I am not sure which boroughs this comes under, but I am sure that you can check for your own.  If you head over to OneClickDigital, you can sign in with your online library membership (I am sure that you can get yours from the library that you signed up with if you don’t have yours to hand – luckily I did!)

Even better, you can download the app onto your phone or iPod (I have an Android, and that definitely works) and then you can listen to your audiobook straight away!

Ok, so it’s not as grea as Audible where I have been getting audiobooks for a few years, but it is FREE as it’s through the library.  There’s not a massive choice, and you only have limited options (eg you can’t choose the narrator speed, which I always increase), but it is FREE. And really easy to use. And I have already listened to loads of great books.

I’m dead impressed – and always looking for new books that are read by great barrators.  i will post some of the latest that I have listened to soon. Promise!


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